Vacation information

If you have read last week’s blog you already know I have been abroad. Today will be an update, written in the plane on the way home. There, something to deduct information. We had to fly to get to our destination. Why would you need to deduct? Because I haven’t told you where we’ve been these last nign days. And I don’t think I will. Not directly that is. But maybe the photo and blog will give you enough clues.

So this week my partner and I had joined custody over my phone, because of my clumsiness of last week. It is a strange thing not to have your phone at hand at all times. I had to get used to not being able to get the thing out whenever I wanted. After a while I got used to it though and to be honest it felt good to be free of that addiction. Don’t get me wrong, my partner will have their own phone to use once we get home and from that moment on I’ll be as addicted as ever, but is was a nice break. The upside for me is that every picture taken this vacation, has been taken with my phone, so no nagging needed to get my partner to send me any.

Now, on with other stuff. The day we arrived at our apartment I saw we had a decent swimming pool to use with just a couple of people, so I decided then and there I would swim lanes for half an hour each morning, before we would do anything else. Nobody used it that day, but that didn’t mean anything. So after our first night (the day of the phone disaster) I get in my swimwear, pick up my towel and go outside. Doubt creeps up on me, so I go to the reception desk to make sure it is oke for me to use the pool. It is, but it probably pretty cold. “That’s ok”, I said, and I turned to go for a swim.

The receptionist was right, the water was cold as ice. Leaves and feathers were floating like little boats and the pool was more of a green than the bright blue you normally see in pools, but I got in. Every day I swam at least thirty lanes and three of them I swam up to fifty lanes. I am pretty proud of that fact, because as you should know by now, I am usually lazy as hell. But my partner always says you should do things differently when on vacation and this time I definitely did that. I have been more active in the few days than I normally am in a year. Although I guess that changed a while back, when I joined the gym. O our God! I might become an active person!?!

Back to the swimming. The pool was green because of alge. The moment I got back in the apartment and in the bathroom I started skating like the floor was made of ice. Of course I couldn’t stay upright. I fell, but not to bad. A sore right but cheek even now and two days with a sore shoulder, it could have been worse. If you would take a look at the pool at this moment the spot where I entered the water and the spots where I made my turns are the bright blue the pool should be. Every day the water felt more like ice than the day before, but I kept going, go me!

My partner and I have visited city’s and villages and enjoyed ourselves in doing so walking lots of miles during those visits. One day we actually wanted to go hiking. We followed a trail and then lost the signs, using the phone to get back to the car. At some points it felt like survival, climbing steep hills of stone and sand, sometimes losing our footing and finding it again at the last second. I feel great about the hike, but I am glad we both got back alive. My sister’s first remark on seeing the route: “you hiked a cat!”

We have been to the bookstore that is said to have inspired J.K. to write H.P. beautiful shop, you have to buy a ticket to get into, but I don’t regret going in.

One of our visits was at this beautiful church. It had a trail with small chapels where you could see scenes of Jesus his story. It was breathtaking, so beautiful. Just take a look and if you ever go to Braga, visit Bom Jesus! I will leave you with some photos.

Love dreamer