The naked truth

Regarding the title, I don’t know how much truth will be in here and how much fantasy, but there will be naked! Not much, or maybe a lot, depending on your imagination.

A friend and I have taken a day for some me/us time. We both have a partner that doesn’t like the kind of relaxation we do, so we go together at times. Where? To the sauna. My friend is also one of my readers. Sorry darling, I don’t think you’ll find a lot of new information this time (k).

So the sauna is where the naked comes in. A whole day of wearing nothing but a robe when you’re not in the sauna. The freedom of being you! I tell the truth if I tell you I don’t look at the other people in a sexual way (my friend excluded I guess, but that’s a station we won’t visit, because I truly love my partner and I am a monogamous person). I don’t care about how they look, because I don’t like to be looked at like that when in a sauna. And as we all know… Do not do unto others…… You get the drift.

On such a day we talk about everything there is to talk about. (yes everything!) We relax and enjoy good food and drinks, but most off all the warmth. Or maybe most of all each others company. You choose. That day we did something new. We snoozeled. You what?!? We snoozeled. It a combination of snoozing and being pampered and it is goooooood!

You walk into a room with loads of people, all naked. (Get your mind out off that gutter, we are not going there! This is a respectable blog, or at least I hope so.) Everyone has their own bed to lie on, with a soft towel to cover ourselves with. The lights go down (nope, still not going there) and soft music plays. Two people go past everyone to put a hot stone on their sternum. Whenever they will be treating you they touch that stone, so you won’t startle. This way everyone got a mask, shoulder/face massage. Lower arms/hands, lower legs/feet massage. The whole thing took an hour and was….. Soooooooo lovely. (Nope we never went there)

All in all, we had a wonderful day of being naked and catching up. I wish such days for everyone, in the way they love to relax of course.

Love dreamer