The days in between

So Christmas is done… Just a few days left and this year is done. 2020 wil be a fact. Just a couple of days left. Am I proud of this year? No idea. Proud enough I guess. I didn’t do things that will forever be classified as bad as far as I remember.

Christmas brought three days of people and food. To much I know, so I behaved and didn’t eat until there was no room left. I ate just enough, and to be honest, I’m pretty proud of that! It is a necessity, but still, I was able to hold back, that’s something to be proud about. Even if you know you don’t want to get heavier, it is something else to actually act on it.

Another first for me…. I actually played a game. And what’s even more baffling…. I actually liked it. We had friends over at Christmas Eve. They know I hate playing games, because I am hate losing and ruin everyone’s day/evening as a result. But they had acquired a new game, send me a message upfront, asking if they could/should bring it. Since it was a game where all players would have to work together to win from the game I agreed.

These friends like social experiments, and my partner and me became one. I have to agree, it was a successful experiment! We lost twice, but won the third try. It was past midnight when our friends left. Lucky for them we won the third time around, because I would have kept them until we would have. Even if we would have to cancel every other Christmas or New year’s Eve appointment!

The next two days we spent with our families. Two more lovely days, but still no spirit (see last week’s blog). Let’s hope New year’s Eve will bring a bit more spirit. For now I’m pretty proud I played a game. I would even like to do that again, so thank you friends (you know who you are) for a new experience. Until next year everyone. Hope you all have a good time

Love, dreamer