First things first….. I hope you’re all okay. These are weird times for everyone. Hang in there… I would like to say things will get better, and I believe they will, but I can understand if it doesn’t feel like it. I don’t know what to say really, so let me give you this safe hug from a distance and a dream to distract you from things for a couple of minutes.

Now, sorry for being offline for some time. I had nothing to write about other than how bad I felt/feel with my acnes and I don’t want this blog to be a place of me dumping shit without something positive. That’s what I’ve got my partner for ;p

Now for the distracting part. I’ve had a dream. But I guess a lot of my blogs are about my dreams. This dream was so vague I hope it translates. If not, sorry, but trying to understand might help in the distraction.

So in this dream I’m in a house with someone else, someone I know in my dream, but I can’t connect to my real life. It’s not our house, we are supposed to watch over someone that does live there. Right from the start of the dream I know that’s just a pretence. They want to kill us by leaving us alone in there. It wasn’t an idea or feeling, I knew! I was as certain about it as the fact that I’ve got two hands.

So.. we’re in the house. The original occupant left us there with the person we are supposed to take care of. Well….. Person……. You have seen mannequins I take it. We were there with just the bottom half of one. Two legs and the hips those are connected to, nothing more. Ever seen Dr Who, with the living plastic? The legs where alive! The walked over to me and drove me in a corner.

I was scared at first, I mean it’s not something you see every day right! Than I figured, it’s a couple of plastic legs. They’ll have a hard time killing me. My friend must have thought the same, because they took the thing by the hips, lifted it and put it behind them. I came out of the corner and we decided to start making dinner. I glance over my friends shoulder….. The legs have a torso! Where did that come from?

Obviously this is cause for concern, I mean.. the plastic grows into more. Once there are arms and hands the thing will be more dangerous. Just as I knew the idea was to kill us that night, I knew the thing would keep its cool if we would boil water near it. I know, weird, but hey, that’s what dreams can be. We take a large pan, fill it with water and put it on one of those travel stoves. Why not a regular stove? No idea. The whole meal we prepare right then and there is made on those. We’re eating pasta. The legs and torso get some arms, hands and a head in the meantime, but as I knew, kept their cool. One minute you start with a couple of legs and hips, the next there are two human beings sitting next to a pan of boiling water, silent, not moving.

So obviously me and my friend prepare our pasta, sit down at the same table as the two plastic grown humans and start eating, all the while making sure there’s water boiling. I start talking to the things, feel like I’m connecting. We spend the evening helping them with their homework, talking and having fun. My friend takes one of the things to do something on a computer and I take the other thing to get it to bed. It talked about being afraid, so I put on some boiling water and lie down next to it. I know the other one wants to kill me for sure, because it doesn’t like me spending time with this thing. I saw the fire in its eyes, but hey, I took the risk.

At some point we ended up downstairs again, all four of us. Now that I’m writing stuff down I wonder how come it didn’t turn into more things, but hey, I’m glad it didn’t, and as a bonus we’re all alive at this point in my dream. That is, I think we are. They could have killed my friend and put a plastic lookalike in their place, but let’s go with they didn’t. We had water boiling all the time after all. The thing I’d brought to bed had even put some on by itself, because it felt better with boiling water. I guess that could have given them time to kill and clone my friend…. Stop thinking nonsense, back to the dream, that’s weird enough as it is.

So we are downstairs. It’s dark outside and there’s a whole lot of smoke/mist out there. Ever seen smoke on stage? Better yet, nowadays supermarkets have some vapour coming down over the vegetables to keep them fresh or something. The mist from the streets was coming into the house. It was barely noticeable, but I saw it happen. When we looked to the floor we saw the stage smoke, above our heads it was more of a barely visible vapour. Scary as hell. We thought it would/could kill us and started to think about what to do when……poof…..dream change.

Me and the friend are with the thing that wanted to kill me, only it’s a girl now, not a plastic human. We’re in some kind of mall. The girl says she needs to use the bathroom and my friend says: “fine, I’ll come with”. The girl tried to run away before and we barely caught her, so my friend wants to make sure that’s not the case again. The girl turns around, I grab here wrist to tell here she’s not running away again. People start to help here, but I explain she’s trying to run away from home and I want to make sure she doesn’t. People leave us alone. End of dream(s).

I know I wanted to distract you, but after writing things down, my mind starts working. Maybe the mist is the fear I have, the fear we all have. My dream brought me to an everyday situation when I couldn’t think of a way out. Well maybe not an everyday situation, but one I could handle. Maybe my mind told me not to worry about things I can’t change, but do things I can control instead. Let’s all do that. Do the things you can do to keep you and your loved ones safe and let the people that can worry about the mist.

To quote something that helps me a lot…. “The sun will come out, tomorrow…..”

Love dreamer