Loads of water

So last night my dreams were weird once more. As if there is any other kind with me. Let’s start at the beginning of what I remember. I’m in a hurry to catch the bus to work. I need to get there early, because I’ve got to work half an hour extra since I left early in Wednesday (for real. The things you take into account in your dreams, right?). I was all dressed up and late, so I go to the supermarket. (Dream logic is the worst)

Now before I go on… My dream combined two things I’ve seen on TV. Augmented reality and Spiderman far from home. For those that don’t know… Augmented reality is where something is recorded and with the magic of technology you see more than is recorded as a viewer. The put in another background, people, UFO’s, planes, you think of it, they do it. It is special, because if cameras zoom in or out or if the move, the augmented reality reacts like real reality.

Then Spiderman. I don’t want to spoiler, so I’ll give you one word and if you’ve seen it you’ll know what it is that combined with my dream. Drones. There. Now back to the dream.

While in front of the supermarket I heard a lot of noise above me. I look to the sky and see several blimps flying over us. I know they’re not real. It is a commercial stunt. The only thing going through my head is: “what a cool way of advertising your supermarket!” The next moment I’m inside asking my partner to please give me a ride to work, since I’ll arrive way to late if I’ll take the bus. They will, but will have to take care of something first.

They start talking to a cashier. Somehow my partner has a whole lot of coins and wants the cashier to exchange those for bills. They where already working on it, but it took forever! I somehow had bills as well, so I suggested partner and I could exchange instead. Nope, we could not. I would have to wait patiently, while they exchanged money.

I walked past them, around a corner. There was a corridor with some doors on the right. The first door had a metal fencing like the ones you can pass on sidewalks. Lots of space to pass between the bars. I went in the door and had a pirate adventure. It wasn’t real, Just like the blimps. I can’t tell you what kind of adventure, because I forgot. I know I had fun and ended in an ocean. I went back to the door, remembering I needed to get to work. I swam to the door, swung myself through the bars of the fence and started running to my partner. Then I remembered I’d brought bags with me. I went back in the water (that was real, because I was drenched), took my bags and went back through the door.

In mere matter of minutes the fence had been enhanced with barbed wire. I had to find a way through without ripping my clothes and somehow managed to do it! Back to my partner, on to work. At this point there’s a change of scenery. I’m in a corridor with a couple of people and I notice water dripping down in one of the corners. A leak! (I’ve got one at home for real. I live in a nightmare so it’s only fair that nightmare appeared in my dream.)

I need to find out where the water is coming from, so I open the door that should lead to a staircase. I want to get to the room straight above the leak. No stairs. How… I know it’s the right door. The person next to me said it was the wrong door, so more doors were opened, but without the desired effect. We closed all doors and I start counting. I open the same door as before, sure this should be the one, but it has a different interior than before. Lots of open spaces like the drawings with stairs that are walked on from above en underneath. So weird!

That’s the moment I woke up. I remembered the dream throughout the day, so that should tell you enough. Well that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed it.

Love dreamer