So how about that saying about life giving you lemons and you making lemonade? I think I’m going to need lemon aid instead. Why? Because I’m running out of ideas to make the lemon tasty.

Let me tell you what’s going on. Ever heard of acnes? Nope, not pimples… It stands for Abdominal cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome and I’ve got it. I’ve had it for some years now. It’s painful, but on a positive note, it’s not deadly, at least not as far as I know. I’ve had two operations and I’m waiting for a third one, because it kept returning.

I tried to ‘paint’ you a picture of the nerve running along the ribs and where it hurts. Seems like I’ve got an entrapped nerve in my side as well (same nerve, different nerve-end) and frankly I’m done. I’ve tried to be relaxed about it, but it is taking to long, so I’m out of sugar! Give me a couple of hours, I’ll find some sugar again, I just felt like complaining for once. Forgive me that you have to receive that.

Now how about some fun items bin this blog? I am at the theatre, since it’s Friday. Today I am sooooooo happy, because I get to see kinky boots!!!! I can’t wait for the show to start, but….. My guts are rumbling, because I ate to much noodles. That makes me gassy. Oops.

While I’m writing this blog (luckily in a far corner with not too many people in my immediate vicinity I feel it rumbling and I couldn’t keep all air in. I don’t think there’s a smell, but can I be sure? Please don’t cancel the show because of a gas leak, there isn’t one, honestly. And please don’t throw me out either, I really really want to see the show. I promise to keep the rest of the gasses in my body.

I just hope I won’t explode because of keeping them in. At least you’ve got a plausible reason for not getting a blog next week (I don’t have one for not getting one last week). Sure I could just forget to post one, since I’m going bowling with work instead of visiting the theatre, but it’s more likely I’ll have exploded. Keep an eye out when watching the news and keep looking if I don’t start posting again later on. I could actually become a ghost writer!

Love, dreamer