I am losing my mind!

Since I haven’t been to regular in posting, I owe you some posts. I have been dreaming again last night, so I will be able to give you a second one this week. I hope you will enjoy!

Everything I ever Knew about dreams is falling apart. I will never be able to have a lucid dream again! Remember my last blog? Well here is another dream that goes against what I told you in the last paragraph of that blog.

Apparently I have taken the car, while most of the times my partner uses it, because I get home, park the car, notice my partner is not home yet and go on to do something for myself.

After a while I decide to check on the car. Why? Not a clue. We live in a good neighbourhood, so maybe I just wanted to see our girl, I truly don’t know. Upon getting to the window I don’t she her though. Maybe I didn’t park her at the spot I thought I parked here, so I look at the complete row.

No car! Ok, maybe I forgot what she looks like, I know the licence plate, so I start checking those (and I am reading them! For real!). No car with our licence plate. I start to panic. Did I lock the car. No, YOU STUPID IDIOTTIC EMPTYHEADED………. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOCK THE CAR!!!! I ranted on to myself for a bit, then decide my partner should know I lost the car before they got home, so I call them. I am in tears. I lost our baby, this is going to be a financial disaster! My partner comforts me by telling me our baby would have locked herself after being parked for a specific time. That sort of calms me down, but then what happened to our baby?

I walk back to the window to start reading the licence plates again. Nope, not ours. Nope, not ours. Nope, not ours. Nope, not ours. Nope, not ours. No, the one in the tree is not ours either…..the one in the tree?!? HOW THE HELL!!! Who would be able to get a car up in a tree and why the hell would you do it? Then I notice underneath the car that is hanging in the tree are about five cars stacked on top of each other, so the one in the tree almost touches the top of the fifth car. HOW! My mind is blown. Who would do this?

I start checking plates again. Nope, none of them are our baby. I am definitely reading the plates! That should not have been possible! At that point I should have been able to tell I was dreaming and take control! Well I didn’t, so I went on doing something for myself in my dream. Not wanting to go to the toilet, because one of two thing could happen. It would be dark soon, and when it would be dark, I would be going in the house to stop the thing I was doing  (not a clue what it was that was so important I couldn’t go to a toilet) or my partner would come home and I would be going into the house and stop the thing I was doing.

At some point I really couldn’t put off going to the toilet so I go into the house. I decide to use our upstairs toilet. Walking in there I nearly get a heart attack. My partner is lying in the bath! I forget all about needing the toilet and start to tell them about the stacked cars. We both walk downstairs to look out of the window. Both reading the plates……. I wake up.

Well… there you have it. My crazy dreams are back and I won’t ever be able to tell when I am dreaming again. I should go on the internet and read up on lucid dreaming, because the things I know are from hear say, but I am lazy. I am not going to look it up. Instead of doing that, I put my dreams on the internet and bore you with them.