Hide and seek?

Last night I had a terrifying dream once again. I was with my partner and we where in some woods. Felt like camping to begin with yet after a short period of time we started looking for a place the stay and wound op in some kind of cabin. We felt okay, but it wasn’t a romantic getaway, that much felt clear.

Somehow we needed to find a place to hide because a creature was roaming around? Under the bed would be to obvious of a hinding place. As would be under the other furniture or in the closet, so my partner had this idea to create a false wall by laying down some plating behind the bed. If the creature would come, there would be just enough space for us to hide, but we had to lay down on top of eachother.
Fine plan, but while working on this idea the creature could be heard nearby, so we needed to execute it quickly. We started working like crazy, only to find out the back wall had been rotting, so my partner nearly tumbled into a deep ravina when the wall broke open. We would need to find another hinding place and quick.

Then there was this other matter I’d been thinking about. We could hide all we wanted, but if the creature was like a dog, it would sniff us out in no time at all. You could hide, just not for long. So while my partner was trying to build the hiding spot that would fail, my mind went to stopping this creature from finding us by using its nose. Naturally my mind went to urine!? Don’t ask me why, but somehow I figured sprinkling pee around would do the trick, so I started collecting my own to sprinkle around. Apparently that wasn’t such a strange idea. We weren’t alone anymore and someone else started sprinkling urine as well.

How nice, working together to hide from something that eats you if it finds you. A perfect calming dream. People sprinkling around urine, walls that fall away and a creature coming nearer every second you are frantically working to stay safe. It was outside the door, so at this point it was every man for himself. No time to be polite. We scrambled to find a place to hide.
I figured the bed was a good place to get under, but not in a normal way. I tore of the sheets a bit (after all, I needed to be able to put them back on in order to hide properly) and clawed my way into the hollow of the box the mattresses layed upon. The creature burst in while I did this, so I can’t figure out how I didn’t get eaten at that point. Yet the creature didn’t get a single one of us. Everyone had been in hiding places that should have been easy to find, like under a table! Mine was the only ‘good’ one, but I was still getting in, when the creature bursted in. It must have been the sprinkled pee. It has to be. Either that or it saw us and thought “ugh dumb people! I had those for breakfast, maybe some other time. I’m gonna find me something more tasty.”

Point is we all survived and made this perfect hiding place right after. We made five capsules in the box of the bed, so when the creature came back, we would be in there in no time, pulled the sheets down and it would look like a normal bed! I guess we lived scared ever after, but with a great hiding spot and good company in a smelly cabin.

Love, dreamer.