First Blog

Now why start a blog?
Maybe my public dreams and thought will be good for something other than clearing my thougts.

Here I go, my first blog…. I am both scared and excited. As you can read in the about section, my native language is not English, so forgive me if some things are not spelled correctly or some sentences should be different. The main thing I guess is understanding the meaning behind the words.

Now why start a blog?
Good question. I used to own a diary when I was younger. Writing my thougts down helped me to order them. Now that I am older, I do not take the time to write. Other things become more important even though technicaly they are not… more important that is.They just feel that way.

Some time ago I came along a podcast of Curt Mega. I started listening to it from the beginning and in one of the episodes he talkes about the difference one person can make. Lets face it, most of us do not feel like we can make much difference do we. I certanly do not think I make that much of a difference.
Ik got me thinking… Curt states that every action, no matter how small can influence someone without you knowing. Granted his perspective is that of an actor/director/writer/singer/creater and whatever else I might be forgetting, but it goes for all of us. Every word we say or in my case type could have an impact on others.

Fine, than why do you need to write Publicly instead of a diary?
I guess I think I will take time to write a blog, since we live in a digital time. And yes, I could make a diary on my computer, but i thought about starting an advenure. An anonymous one, because my employers to be do not have to find this. I would like to be gudged on my qualities, nog my ramblings on the net.
Putting it online is my way of thinking out loud. Maybe my ideas can help you and maybe you can help me with my ideas.

I intend to update this diary regularly, so keep an eye out for it, for I hope my ideas may at least entertain you if you found this page.

Maybe my public dreams and thought will be good for something other than clearing my thougts.