Dreaming of a creepy crawly,

I am at home with my partner. One of my friends is with us. The three of us are watching TV. I don’t remember the thing we watched, but we sat on the same couch. Close together with me in the middle.

At some point I look to my left, where my friend is sitting, because we are talking, and I notice…. is that something in his nose…. moving?! The second I notice it the thing is gone, so I guess my mind is playing tricks on me. However, just to be sure, I keep glancing at his nose. After some time I see something again. It looks like pinchers! The next second they are gone again.

I decide I don’t like this. Something is moving in my friends nose and it is giving me the creeps. I move away from him a bit and tell him he’s got something in his nose.

My friend does nothing. He acts like I never told him anything and keeps watching whatever it is we were watching. Still the movement in his nose is getting clearer. I move further off. The thing in there is quite big as far as I can see.

Now the thing you have to know, and I should have started with this, my friend had abnormally large and open nostrils. Something that doesn’t exist in real life, but was normal as far as my dream goes, because the nostrils didn’t give me the creeps, the thing moving inside did. At some point the pincers even stuck out of his nose!

This is the point my friend couldn’t ignore it any longer, so he just said: “O, that’s nothing to worry about.”. He put his hand to his nose and a creature came crawling out! It was something that looked like an cross between a centipede and an earwig. The thing was almost translucent and it was about as long as my friends hand and as thick as two of his fingers. I drove my partner to the right so there was enough room between me and my friend for another person to sit there.

I asked my friend how he could be so calm about this huge thing living in his nose! He didn’t answer and went on watching TV. Now and again he put his hand to his nose. The thing would crawl out and walk over his hands like he was a pet or something. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I demanded to know why the hell he didn’t get the thing out of his nose. This was NOT normal and could NOT be healthy. My friend broke down. He started crying in the left corner of the couch. His eyes started to deform, I never thought anything of it, just like the nose. They started to look like those cartoons where the bottom of the eye looks like flowing water. Most of the time his eyes became white, because the colour part disappeared behind de lids that where not even visible, so high up.

When my friend calmed down a little he explained. He couldn’t live without the creature anymore. He had been drinking so much that some mayor organ didn’t function any longer. This creature was keeping him alive, because it lived of the substances his body could no longer break down on its own. I felt terrible, but I was still creeped out about the thing. I didn’t know what to do, hug my friend, like I should, or get as far away from him as I could because of the creature in his body.

At that point I woke up. Wow… that was one creepy dream! Perfect for my blog, so I have to get downstairs to share it with the world. I have to be quiet, because there are more people at home than just me. I get to opening where I have to let down some stairs. Normally they go down in an angle, but today they can’t because the guest bed is in use. When that thing is there you have to let the stairs straight down, like a stepladder. I start the process and am ready to set the stairs by pulling a lever so this sort of stop would click in place. Both my parents come to take over. “Let us do that. The carpet the stop gets on to is very old and we would like to preserve it as long as possible.”

At that point I truly woke up. 5:30 a.m. I remembered the dream. Kept my mind as quiet as I could to be able to remember it a lot longer. Thanks to the waking up part of my dream I had a good grasp on the first part of it, since I really needed to remember the first part in the second part. Would I be able to remember the second part as well? Or would I have to get out of bed if I wanted to document the dream? I chose to stay in bed a while longer. I fell asleep and about 8:30 a.m. I woke up again. That is about half an hour ago. I put on a shirt, went downstairs and started typing.

Well, I hope you liked reading about this dream. I’m still not sure what to think of it, shivering whenever I see that creature in my mind. I guess it is no longer in my friends nose, but will forever live in my brain. I feel violated! Can someone get the thing out please? Unlike my friend I don’t want it to stay in my body.