Cas is a crude translation of a name we have in my language. It stands for clumsy and stupid. Crude because it approximates the name in my language, but doesn’t quite. Today my name should have been Cas. To be honest, it should be most of the times, but today it is painfully true. Why? Let me tell you.

My partner and I are abroad for some well deserved time off. How lovely. It is so nice to be able to relax and see another country while soaking in some sun. Thing is.. we have only arrived yesterday and today I proved once again I should be named Cas (sorry if your name is… I don’t want to offend anyone).

My partner and I decided to visit the bigest market of the country and while there we planned to visit the church. My partner entered the address of the village in Google maps and off we went. We didn’t encounter trouble getting there. Upon arriving the streets where packed with cars. There where situations of double and even tripple parking. We searched for a place to park the car and found one not to far off! Lady luck was on our side, or do it seemed.

My partner went to the parking meter while I stayed with the car. It took a while so I looked to see what my partner was doing. They looked confused. The they crossed the street to another parking meter. Again this confused look. I walk over to Them, telling Them to lock the car while I cross the street. The car gets locked and I hear the problem. Both meters don’t work. Great. Back to the car to find another spot to park.

My partner asks for their phone. I had it before because of us using Google maps, but as far as my memory went my partner had taken the phone. Nope, not true. I had it in my lap. Wait, what…… I had it. No I didn’t! I tried calling, no sound. My partner had noticed an old lady picking something up from the ground next to our car when I crossed the street, thinking she had dropped something. Now we knew better….

I have such a bad memory that I didn’t even remember my partners phone in my lap. When I got out of the car it fell to the ground, without me hearing or noticing. To bad for is, this old lady did notice. Even worse…. she just took it! And the youth gets the reputation! I panicked. How stupid could I be!

Next step… My partner walked down the street to see if they could spot the old witch while I kept calling their phone. Nothing. Then I walked all the way to the market while calling. Nothing. I had definitely lost my partner their phone. I cried out of frustration and disbelieve. I mean, I know I am a klutz, but why with an expensive thing as the phone of my partner. I can handle messing up with my stuff, but someone else’s!

Next step… get the sim blocked and make sure the bank knows the their app has to be blocked. Now that that’s done let’s go see the police. We are in a country where English isn’t the native language. The cop behind the desk didn’t speak English, but he quickly got a colleague that did. I explained the situation. The cop asked if we had an IMEI. I thought email. Shows you how much I know.

Wel long stay with the cops short, the cop that spoke English told the cop at the desk the story, so that the desk cop could write the report. He acted as our translator. While waiting we talked a bit and got some tips on where to visit. Another cop that spoke English entered and joined the conversation while the desk cop wrote up the report. My partner had to sign the papers. I wanted to know what it was that got signed, so I used my Google translate app to read the papers. It checked out, my partner signed. The cops will try to find the phone using the IMEI we gave them and we can press charges within the next six months if we want to. We said our goodbyes and thanked everyone inside for their help.

The day we wanted to visit the biggest market turned to the day we visited the local police. Neither of us had much interest in visiting the market now, so we left the village without seeing the things we intended. My partner was really nice to me, they knew I was already beating myself up and told me these things can happen.

We went to the apartment we stay in while abroad and after parking the car and putting away the groceries we went to this small bakery to buy coffee and lunch. After that we walked through the village, took some time for a sandwich at our apartment and went to this beautiful ruin village to walk through. From the church that’s build there we had a spectacular view on the village we stay in. That’s the picture I put with this blog.

Today has passed, nearly time for bed. I still feel horrible for what happened, even though these things can happen. They happen to me far to often. My partner is looking at it from the bright side (at least when talking to me, I know they are bummed out as well) telling me they already know the next phone they want. They better never hand that to me in future…. For now we have joined custody over my phone, until we get back home and get a new SIM to put in an old phone while waiting for the new one to arrive.

Love dreamer