Bride, cars and bathrooms,

Well hello there! This week the blog goes all over the place. Three topics, so no juicy story about a bride escaping through a bathroom window to escape a wedding in a fast car (yes that is a reference to a sitcom). No three different topics, so lets go!

Nope, my partner did not propose, I am nog getting married (or my partner knows something I don’t, but I don’t think so). No this is a follow up on last my blog from last week. Remember? The refugee from Africa. He was actually there when I walked out of the office on Friday. I didn’t think he would, but he was, so I had to deal with it. I said hi, keeping my distance. I am a hugger, normally, but not this time, not appropriate, or at least I didn’t think it was. If you disagree, keep it to yourself. Those are my boundaries I have to think of, not yours.

We went to the same park as before, sat down on the same bench as before and continued the same talk we had before. He kept giving me compliments, trying to find out if I would ever leave my partner. I told him: “not even when hell freezes over”, but that didn’t seem to register. He kept talking about relationships ending, how good of a partner he would be to the person committing to him and how beautiful I am and how perfect I would be for him. He would never find someone like me again, so sure, he was disappointed I have a partner. I let him talk, I talked to him and brought the conversation to him getting his social security number. I tried not to make it to obvious, but let’s be real, he needed something from me, of he would not have come. That or I have a stalker from now on and need to be more careful in future, but I guess that’s not the case. When talking to a dear friend of mine she told me her partners reaction was: “he want to marry to stay in the country”. I had come to the same conclusion, so the bride part is…. I could have been an African bride! I am not that sad that I’m not though, because I love my partner more than anything in the world, so when the man asked my contact information I told him “no”, because I am not going to string him along for something I won’t give him. I had two lovely days with an opportunity to speak English, he wasted some time, enough is enough. As far as I know he has not started stalking me (knock on wood).


So my partner and I have a car. We didn’t plan on getting a new one, but things happen. Fortunate for us, nothing bad happened, we just received a flyer from our dealership. It stated an amount we could probably get for our old car and how much a new car would cost us. We took the bait. We started talking about it and before long we went to the dealer to take a look. The offer was for an upgrade on our current model, but we decided we wanted information on a different model. That in itself would be an upgrade, so we wanted to compare the offer we got in the mail to the different model we had in mind. We got the information, slept on it for about three days. The dilemma was: go for comfort (the upgrade by choosing the other model) or go for low expenses (by choosing our current model upgraded). We both sort of knew the car we wanted, but still. We went for the other model, we can afford it, let’s ‘grow up’ and choose comfort. Today we went in (after getting the financing worked out) and asked when we can pick it up. It will take over two weeks because the salesman would like to be there when we pick it up. I heard him mumble he is on vacation between today and the date we set to pick up the car. So there we are, waiting on a car, because the salesman wants to see how happy it makes us to pick it up. Well if his life depends on these highlights, than I can wait for my car a bit longer, because that’s sad, isn’t it. I am glad I can give him a happy moment.


There are a couple of things in your life that cost a lot of money. One of those things: bathrooms. Especially when your strength isn’t fixing you home. At some point I noticed circles on the ceiling in the hallway, caused by water that should have travelled through pipes instead of the floor. I know nothing about fixing plumbing and stuff like that. When we bought the house the leakage should have been stopped by the previous owner, or so we thought. His solution turned out to be sealant around the shower drain, but you can’t clean a sealed drain, so obviously, we made the mistake to unseal it. Now we have to ‘repair’ the leak. That will take braking tiles and stuff like that. We figured we would have to take care of the bathroom at some point, so now is the time. We are going to renovate. Take everything out, put new stuff in. This bathroom will be to our taste (and budget, sorry to say, but still beautiful for a low budget). The thing I am upset about most: losing our bath. A bath I don’t use that often, because the put  the side your head goes against the wall, so your neck needs to be in an angle if you want to lie down. Plus the bath is smaller than usual, because of the restricted space, and everything had to be fit in (shower/bath/sink/toilet), without having to shower in the tub. Every time I took a bath a large part of me never got wet, because it didn’t fit under water. I was hoping to get a bath you can sit in, so it would take up less room, but I could still relax. As you might have figured, we are not putting in a bath again. We already made a down payment on everything that is going into our new bathroom (including tiles) and now we are looking for someone to put it in for a nice price (wouldn’t it be nice if we had an endless supply of money). We’ll see…..

Well that’s it for now.