Late again,

And again: NO NOT PREGNANT! Just busy.

I have been shopping the first Thursday I didn’t post anything. You might say: “how does shopping justify not writing a blog. That doesn’t take up a whole day!” It die, because I went with three other people and the shopping was going on quite some way from home. So our journey started quite early in the morning and ended quite late and so I simply forgot you guys. I’m sorry.

Last Thursday I didn’t have time because of household chores that needed to be fine. Normaly I would do those on Saturday, but I got picked up early last Saturday for a visit to the sauna and the people that picked me up would sleep over afterwards, so I had to do everything on Thursday.

I decided to write one early this week. I had the opportunity to do do because I am on a bus right now for work. A fun day ahead of speeches and workshops. Wihoo.

So what’s new with me besides the things I bought while shopping?

Nothing much. I quit something again. “NO” Yes. “What did you quit this time? Your job?” Nope, just choir. “Why? You love singing in the choir!” I do. But if you remember, I am lazy as well. Choir started at eight p.m. and I work untill about five p.m. After coocking and eating that leaves me about half an hour to do whatever I want before I have to leave for choir again. That is the point where I don’t want to leave anymore. I haven’t been there for about six weeks. Since I pay to participate I am throwing away money, so I quit.

That doesn’t mean I stopped singing. I still sing while cycling. The difference is that I actually sing music of my own choice now. I don’t think I will ever stop singing. Just so you know.

Another thing that happened is a parent of a friend of mine died. In having lost mine and knowing how good it felt that many people came just to support me I wanted to be there for this friend. I asked if I could come, got a positive answer and arranged I could go with work. Or… arranged….. said I wanted to go and everyone said: no problem, go. And so I went. I left home at seven a.m and got back well past nine p.m. It may sound stupid, but it was a beautifull day. Not the fact that someone had died or so many people felt sad, but the fact that it was a beautifull service and it the energy felt good in the support there was for everyone. I hope I could make a small difference by being there.

That’s it for now.

Love dreamer