Different blog than I intended

So I intended to write down some dreams again, but that took more time than I thought, just like my last blog. This time I tried another speech to text app, but I was smart enough to have my voice-recorder on as well. Good thing to, because the app didn’t work. Now I am trying to type along with the voice-recorder, but that takes a lot of time too. So no dreams yet, instead just some ramblings, in order not to let another week slide by without a blog.

So what’s new in my life? Maybe I told you before, but I don’t feel like checking. I joined an acting group. A small group of six and now that I joined seven people. At first I would be the person to read lines when someone couldn’t be at rehearsel. But last week they told me I get to do a part for real.

The reason is not do great. The person that would play the role originaly has health problems, so I surely wish him well, but at the same time I am excited that I’ll be playing this role now, because it is a great piece: how the other half loves. So I am learning lines all the time now.

My memory isn’t the best one out there, but for some reason learning lines is something I can handle. As long as everyone knows their lines that is. As soon as I’ll have to improvise, run……

If there is something I stink at it’s improvising. A Nice play will become a disaster in no time at all. I’ll start stammering, my mind goes blank and before long every instinct I’ve got is telling me to leave the sinking ship.

That’s where I start to lose control of my body. It Will walk around without my mind telling it what to do. Hands grabbing decor pieces pulling down things that shouldn’t come down, everything collapsing around me….

At least that’s what happens in my mind when I have to improvise. In reality I just occupy a blank state, untill someone else gets me back on track by uttering a frase I recognise.

As you van read, I am looking forward to doing this play. I truly love doing this, so I’ll keep you informed.

Love dreamer