Add frustrations

I know I have mentioned being lazy, but I can’t remember if I have told you about an addiction of mine. Oe maybe I have told you about an addiction, but Just nog this one yet. What can I say, I am pretty messed up.

So what addiction am I talking about now? Games. Games that are played on your phone. For example, my morning did not start well if I didn’t have time to play Diggy’s adventure. When my partner and I are in the car it is pretty likely that I am playing a game. When I feel ‘bored’ I play a game.

When I was much younger I didn’t get ‘bored’ this easily. To be honest I am not easily ‘bored’ now, but every slow moment is an excuse to play. I like finding new games to play, but…. This is where the title comes in. Add frustrations.

Let me make one thing clear: it is not the fact that adds are shown at regular intervals, but the adds themselfs that bother me. I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are a lot of adds that are nothing like the actual game! Take the add for matchington mansion. You see a messed up bathroom and some choices in the bottom of the screen. The choices made are correct or wrong. Download the game and the only choices you get to make are the interior the mansion gets after you have earned stars by playing ‘three in a row’ levels.

I hate that! I download a game based on what I see, because that is what I expect! If you show me a video, that’s what I think I get to do in the game. If I download the game as a result and it turns out to be something else all together I delete it as fast as I downloaded it. Why would you deceive is like that? I don’t want those lies. They frustrate me so f-ing much! That results in me ranting about it to you. I am sure you could do without that. But hey, I had to get it out there. Now… Van someone point me to a game that actually asks me to make those choices. Or if it doesn’t exist… is there someone out there that van develop it PLEASE.

Love, dreamer