30+ ℃

So first of all, I am sorry. What for this time? For the blogs I delivered the past three weeks.
I was reading them back, translating directly to my mum and noticed a LOT of mistakes, worst of all ass instead of as. Oops. I discover to many mistakes when I am reading them back for soundcloud as well, so I think I will see if I can find some time to go over all my old post to correct them. Other than that I hope I will do better in the future, but no promises, because to be honest I write directly what I think and I don’t take the time to read it back properly. So sorry in advance as well.

So let’s start properly. The title. There is a heatwave going on. Ironically I recorded the blogpost for soundcloud for today in which I state that we will never have a proper summer again as a way for the seasons to tell us we are screwing up the earth. Well, maybe we corrected ourselves, but I doubt it. Maybe global warming is finally through waiting and blasting us with all the heat it’s got.

I can’t for the life of me remember it ever being this hot, but I don’t want to complain either, because it has been a long time since we had a proper summer, and that part I do love. I just hope it will cool of a bit, because the heat is intense. I have never had this much trouble with heat in my life. If I don’t have to work I will not do much else, except sit in front of the ventilator. That makes this a great time for watching shows and listening to podcasts (don’t forget to listen to the latest one of Story Matters!). All in all, I am happy summer has finally come around. I love the sun, even if it is hot as hell.

Now, I am not a person that can do nothing, so even if I listen to something or watch a show, I will be keeping my hands busy. Right now I am working on gloves.
Well, I will be too late if I start when I actually need them, and I am sitting here anyway, so why not? I am going to make a couple of pairs in different colours so I can change things up if winter decides to come along again (although I hope he will take his sweet time to come back).

It actually started because I crocheted a knights helmet for my nephews. An adult I know asked me to make one for her as well, because the visor comes down and will protect her face when she is out in the cold. I got the wool for this from her about a month and a half ago and started making this thing. At the end I had some wool left, and since I was not the one that had paid for it I decided to use it to make something else she could use in the winter. I came across fingerless gloves, because crocheting fingers is hard. I made her a pair and liked them.

The wool I used for her was bulky, but there is a design for finer wool as well, so I decided to make those for myself. The difference between the patterns is that the fine pattern has an actual thumb piece, where the bulky one just had an opening to put you thumb through. The bulky one had been easy enough to follow, the fine one became more difficult at the thumb part. You see, people who make patterns  think that a photo of the stage they are at is good enough to see where you should be at if you follow the pattern, but some people, me included, find it easier to do something they saw. So I after taking the whole thing out and starting over I looked in the comments to see if there would be a YouTube video, so I could see wat to do with the thumb. Several people had asked for it already. The answer was always the same: “there is no video and I am not going to make one either. The pictures you see here should be enough, figure it out for yourself or stick with the easier stuff” It wasn’t put like that, but that was the thing I read while reading the no there isn’t, you should be able to figure it out with the pictures. As you can see in the picture I have succeeded after trial and error, but I would have really liked it if there would have been a YouTube link, because I like to see wat I need to do. Ah well, you can’t have everything.