It has been a while, again…. Sorry but no inspiration means no blog apparently. I tried, couldn’t get myself to sit down for this, but good news… Slowly life is getting back to ‘normal’, so I should be able to write more frequent from now on. Fingers crossed. Or maybe not. Maybe you are glad I haven’t been writing things down for a while. In that case… Stop reading already. I’m not the making you read this… You chose to.

Soy partner and I are away from home for a couple of days. We rented a house in a vacation parc, brought our bikes and plan to cycle around this area to ‘discover’ it. We went to a little restaurant to eat and afterwards my partner asked me out for a walk around the park. Romantic…… Until my mind wanders to places it shouldn’t.

We walk past the tents (a part of the parc is reserved for them) and out of a gate that closes at 23:00. For you information, we went out of the parc well before 20:00. Exiting the parc we walk on a forest path. How lovely….. Not.  Twilight is here and I imagine groups of people hiding away behind the trees. Why would they do that? To attack unsuspecting people walking around like nothing could happen, why else!

We get to a hardened road. Yes, that should mean cars, houses, people other than the ones waiting to take us on. We will just have to walk a bit further…..lights ahead of us, that’s a car, I’m sure of it. A voice calls out, stay to the right! Okay, not a car (I’ve got a case of night blindness, so don’t judge please), it’s a group of kids on mountain bikes, a man leading told them to stay to the right so we could all pass eachother in a safe manner. Okay, that’s not scarry, true. Five steps further I look to the left, there’s a path. We will definitely not be taking that path!!!! There’s a woman in a white jacket with a bright pink children’s backpack next to her, sitting there. Alone. WTF! Nope, walk past her and fast…..

Next a path to a field, surely we will be able to get back on the parc grounds through there. There’s this container like building at the side of the field that’s been graffitied and it even looked a bit burned. My partner, who is quite normal mind you, is relaxed through all this, so when I say, what if there’s no entrance to the parc they simply state we will have to walk back to the road we came from. So that’s what we did, no entrance to the parc. It’s getting darker all the while. My mind is running around in circles. I need to get back! We walk on for a little bit.

Yes, another path and a building that looks like it belongs to the parc. Loads of kids talking, so this is safe… We walk there. Nope not the parc, it’s a camp place for kids. We walk past the building, in the hopes our parc is just behind it. No such luck. A group of kids is walking past the building with a camp guide and is obviously scared of us, asking the guide what we are doing there. The reply is we are probably walking a dog. We turn around to get back to the road. Ahead there are two paths to choose from. I don’t want to go on anymore, I want to go back. Take the risk to go back among the trees but know where we are going.

We walk past the kids, past the field, past the creepy lady that’s still sitting in the same spot… (Why, what is going to happen, THIS IS SO WEIRD!!!) We get to the path we came out of, I’m almost running by now. It doesn’t help that my partner really doesn’t get my imagination, so they start singing Thriller for fun. We get back to the gate, I’ve asked my partner if it’s not 23:00, so it would be open, like we’ve been away for hours. I’m not kidding, I didn’t feel safe until I got back through the gate.

Of course we got back safely, my mind is just weird like that, but it gave me something to write about. Hope you liked it.

Love, dreamer

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