I remembered a dream again!

There are a couple of young kids in an American/Vegas sort of street. They are presenting a movie they have made themselves. You can see it is made and created by kids, but nonetheless, a job well done.
That gets my thoughts to Curt Mega, who’s flying over our heads on some sort of scooter right at that moment. He crashes, so I go to him to see if he’s okay. A woman is pinching his nose so he can’t breathe. She is clad in black, has extremely long fingers and has her hands spread over his face.
No one seems to notice her, so I go over to stop her.
It turns into a fight. Not just with her, something with vampire teeth keeps trying to bite me. It has broken free from a jar that stood there.
I’m still nog sure if it broke free because of me, but it broke free and that didn’t make fighting to get the woman away from Curt any easier.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you if I succeeded either, because from that moment I am walking in a store, talking to someone (a hands-free call?)
We are talking about the fact no-one is living in the blossom world (too much time spend on sims 4 lately?).
I say my family has enough money, but it’s true, no one is living there.
When I get to the register I realise why, so I say: No one is living there, or I would go and live there. But how could I get friends if I’m the only one there, right?
I don’t hear a reaction from the other side and the people in line look at me like I’m crazy.
I ask the person on the other side if he’s still there and get a reaction. Yes he is and has a solution.

On my way home I go to the blossom world to see if it has a population. In my mind I’m already moving my household. Then all hell breaks loose. I need to get to the hospital to give some blood before going to work (for real today as well, because I’ve got huge feet due to my boding holding water).
There a press conference stating it is not safe to leave your house.
An army of creatures has taken over the world and is very dangerous.
Nobody seems to fear a thing, until they get told those monsters are like monsters from the Power Rangers, only much more dangerous.

 Fights keep happening. The creatures seem to want to eradicate us.
Some sore of Japanese mafia (I am watching The sentinel and the last episode had… you guessed right, Japanese mafia), tries to keep grip on things.
I didn’t choose a side, I just want my life back. Everyone who’s not fighting isn’t word anything, so they won’t be kept alive to start a new life somewhere else, where we can all fight the monsters.
All of a sudden my little sister is standing in front of me. She is with a group of people and is holding a gun. “I hope you don’t mind, but I decided to fight” she says with a gleam in her eyes I’ve never seen before.
I think she really likes it! She lets me live, knowing I’m going to have to flee.

I do, but I’m not alone. There’s someone with me (no idea who). We have to hide, one of the monsters is coming.
We are in the monsters room when I suggest to hide under the bed.
The person I am with decides he won’t fit without getting into trouble, so he finds another place to hide.
I get under the bed, just in time. The monster falls down upon it and I nearly get touched by the bed.
The monsters feet  somehow are under the bed, also nearly touching me, I have to make some effort to stay away from them.

When the monster’s gone I go back to the blossom world, to see if there’s anything left to safe.
I decide to hide under a bed there until things calm down.
A little…….. girl I think, sees me hide and warns me they will kill me if they find me.
I ask if they look under beds and she confirms this.
I get out from under the bed. She’s not alone, she has a puppy. We decide to risk getting in line with people who are moving to the new world. We almost get caught, but someone is telling about our heroics (was that my sister) and we are allowed to walk on.

The next moment me and my partner live in a small apartment, no garden, so no green or anything, but we were alive, so we would make the best of things.
At some point we have a visitor and we are talking about gardens and how we don’t have any work to do in those anymore.
He tells us his partner is still tending to someone else’s garden when he’s away and how they want to do this perfectly, so it takes up a lot of time.
I have a similar complaint about my partner.
We talk some more, then my alarm clock interrupted.

Hope you enjoyed this.


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