Storytime 2

She didn’t know what to say. Panic washed over her and she couldn’t think clearly. Wat should she do now? If the boy couldn’t win from him, what chance would she have for god sake. The man threw her against the old Oaktree, pain shot through her back and in a reflex she picked up a stone and flung it to him. What happened next baffled her. That one stone took the man down.

She quickly went to the boy, to see how he was doing. He started to move a bit. When his eyes opened and he saw Sophie sitting next to him, his face got a surprised expression. Out of the bleu a girl was sitting next to him. Could this be the girl that belonged to the voice that warned him? She looked friendly at him and asked how he was doing. As an answer he put his thumb up. “Good”, Sophie said, “then that’s settled. I am Sophie, what’s your name?” The boy looked around. He saw a nice space with sand and went there. In the sand he wrote the name David in graceful letters. Sophie looked at him with wonder and asked why he didn’t just tell her. He ‘cleared’ the sand and wrote that he couldn’t talk. Sophie knew that would make communicating difficult, but David looked like he could use some help and she wanted to help him.

At that moment she heard moaning behind her. She knew that was bad and looked at David, to the spot the box was buried, to the man and back to David. What should they do? The man knew where to find the box and it was clear to Sophie David didn’t want him to, but if they would dig it up they would probably have to find a new spot to bury it. David seemed to read her thoughts and nodded, so they both dug it out as fast as they could. David grabbed Sophie’s hand and began to run. She couldn’t do anything other than run along. When it was clear the man was not yet behind them David slowed down a bit. He didn’t want to stop though and kept looking around. This had a contagious effect, because Sophie looked along. She didn’t even know why she fled or what the man wanted with the box.

After walking around for hours it started to grow dark. Sophie knew they had to find a place to sleep, but wanted it to be a place that was well hidden. All of a sudden she heard water falling. David had stopped walking and was looking around. Sophie walked towards the water. When David noticed her moving he followed. They arrived at a waterfall. Sophie felt strongly they had to go there, so she walked over to it. David stayed behind, confused, but when he saw Sophie disappear he followed quickly. Behind the waterfall there was a cave. The cave was filled with crystals. The moon had risen. Her light reflected on the crystals, causing the cave to be fairly well lit while still hidden.

Sophie sat down exhausted. She was hungry and thirsty, but above all curious about the box. Why was it so important for the boy that he wanted to bury it? When she couldn’t take it anymore she asked David about it. He looked uncomfortably at her. They sat between rocks, so he couldn’t write anything down. But it was important to inform Sophie the box could never be opened. How do you say that to some-one that doesn’t speak sign language. De decided reading lips would have to be the answer, so he pulled Sophie close and pointed to his mouth. He started to form words and Sophie repeated them out loud to be sure she understood him. “Ne far….ver. Never o..pen be….the…Never open that box. Is that it? Never open the box?” David nodded happily. She understood him. “Why should that box never be opened?” David pointed to his mouth again and Sophie said: “Day….ju… Rus,…. Dangerous. To dangerous?” David nodded again. Sophie wanted to ask why it would be dangerous, but David put his finger on her lips.

They heard soft footsteps outside and looked at each other in fear. Now what? As far as they knew, there was only one way out, and that was the way in. The footsteps rapidly came closer. Sophie’s heartbeat sounded in her ears, while David started to look for a way out. She wanted to get up and help, but couldn’t. The fear of what was about to happen turned her to stone. She fearfully watched the entrance. Could the man have followed them all day? The first time David hadn’t noticed him either and she knew he was there because she was watching T.V. How the hell did she end up here? A shadow appeared on the wall. It started out huge, but shrunk and clearly became a man. She looked at the shadow with fear. Before she knew it the man stood before her. It was the same man from earlier that day. He looked menacingly at her and said: “I don’t know why you are meddling, but I want the box, NOW! So tell me where the boy went.” Sophie looked around in surprise and saw David had disappeared. He had just left her, while she had helped him! The man took her by the shoulder and pulled her up. “You come along with me. We’ll find him together.”

To be continued…

This is as far as I got years back, so from now on I’ll have to use my imagination to get the story finished.




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