So, while being cooped up, I’ve found the beginning of a story I wrote some years back.
I didn’t even remember and it’s not finished.
Guess what….. It is going to become the item of wall talk. I’ll let you read what I already wrote and fill it up slow but steady.. at least, that’s what I hope. Now keep in mind, I was a lot younger when I started this, and I didn’t do any research, so…. O and continuity,  that might become a thing, because I put things online while I write on, so… I’ll do the best I can, but forgive me if things don’t add up. I won’t put everything I wrote down all at once, but I’ll let you know at what point I have to start writing again.

It doesn’t have a title yet, if you think of one along the way, let me know. When it is finished I’ll choose one :D. And if you feel like drawing pictures to go with the story, please do and send them to me. Maybe you drawing will be in the next post. Here it goes…..

Somewhere in a village far from here something remarkable happened. Everything began on a rainy night. Sophie was home alone, because her parents were traveling for a couple of weeks. Somehow she couldn’t fall asleep that night, no matter what she tried. She had tried to read first, because normally she could fall asleep right after. Then she tried falling asleep while watching TV, but that didn’t work either. How about trying some soothing music in the background. Nope. She tried counting sheep, it didn’t work. She tried listening to the rain and when that didn’t work either she decided to get out of bed. Maybe some warm milk would help. She didn’t think it would, but she had to try something. She would not resort to sleeping pills, even though some of her mother’s where in the house. She would only take those if she had tried every other thing she could think of.

Once downstairs she decided on dimmed lights, so she wouldn’t get to awake. She put some milk on the stove and got a mug to put the milk in when it was warm. She figured anise milk could do the trick, so she took some cubes to add to the milk later. It didn’t take long for her to get on the couch with a nice mug of warm anise milk. She sat staring while taking little sips, because the milk was quite hot. She figured she was bored out of her skull. When her parents allowed her to stay home alone she had pictured something different. Her friends did go away with their parents, so she had to get through the days on her own. At first she didn’t mind, but it had grown dull. While thinking, she had drained her mug, so she decided to go back to bed. She still didn’t feel tired, so she decided to turn on the TV. After surfing channels for a while she saw a cute boy on the screen. She kept watching interested. It turned out to be a movie. Sophie kept looking at the boy with curiosity, because he walked in a forest, and seemed to have something to hide. He wildly looked around all the time and finally stopped in a pretty dark spot, still looking around to make sure he wasn’t followed. Then he started to dig near a big old oak. It was the largest tree around, so the boy couldn’t have mistaken if he’d ever have to go back. When he obviously figured the hole was big enough he took something from under his coat and put it in the hole, closed it again and looked around nervously. Apparently no one was there, because he relaxed noticeably, while Sophie saw a man lurking behind a rock. She was caught up in the movie so much she wanted nothing more than warn the boy, but that would be pointless of course. He would never hear her warning. Never the less she called out and to her utter surprise he reacted.

That was impossible, it had to be a coincidence. In the meantime, the boy had noticed the man, so he came from behind the rock and the two started fighting. Sophie went out of her mind and got closer and closer to the TV. The man dealt some heavy blows and was obviously stronger than the boy. All of a sudden he knocked the boy out. At that point Sophie put her hand against the screen, shouting “No!”. Before she knew what was happening the man turned around, looked her in the eyes, grabbed her and pulled her towards him. She felt his breath on her face and his fist tightly around her wrist. “Who are you, and what are you doing here?” he hissed.

To be continued…



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