smurf rangers

Hello everyone.

Sorry for not posting for a while.My life doesn’t really bring things to tell you at the moment.I don’t have adventures outside my house, since we need to stay at home as much as possible.I work from home, so I actually don’t get outside much.My partner goes to the supermarket and I talk to our walls.

The walls don’t have too much to tell either.I haven’t been dreaming lately. No, that’s not true.I have been dreaming, but I don’t recall de dreams afterward, so I can’t share them.I was waiting for an operation for my acnes, that was cancelled because of everything that’s happening.I don’t mind that much, because there are people that need help more than I do.Because of the cancelation I had a period of so much pain I couldn’t work, now that’s where this post is coming from.

I might be an adult, but I’ll never truly grow up. One thing that can be used as proof to that statement….. I still love power rangers. I have seen the series multiple times and still love it.Not just one season… I’ve seen them all and I still love them. When I feel bad I put on power rangers and feel better. Right now I’m in the last season I can watch. Started from mighty morphin up to beast morphers. While watching I found something funny.

For those who don’t know. Power rangers safe the world from different kinds of monsters, depending on the season you are watching. To fight those monsters they transform into spandex suits and to get those suits on they morph. To do so they always call out: “It’s morphin’ time!” Today however I heard: “It’s smorfing time” and then I saw smurfs in my mind. Little blue guys, morphing into spandex to fight Gargamel. I found that pretty funny.

So this blog is to leave you with the image of mighty smorfing Power Rangers. Have fun!


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