Dreaming up inventions?

This week I had a dream where I invented something for McDonald to use. So if you see this in use in future, I should be rewarded. I decided to share it with you, even though my idea might get stolen. But before I share my idea I will tell you about my weekend, because I think this inspired my dream.

Christmas is around the corner. Over the years traditions form. One of these traditions is visiting a Christmas fair in our neighbouring country with my partner their sister and her husband. This year was quite a nice one. Lots off stalls with lots to buy. Christmas ornaments, warm clothing, food, drinks, everything I want at such a fair. Including a Ferris wheel.

The day started with a drizzle, but it was supposed to clear up, so we decided to go nonetheless. To get out of the rain we entered a mall, but everything but the food and drink places was closed. That was one short visit. Back to the fair. I bought myself a Ugears (see picture above). And on our way out I bought a candy apple. No fair is complete without a candy apple!

Before leaving my partner’s sister and ride the Ferris wheel. It was cold, wet (even though the rain had stopped by this time) an there was very little to see. We where hoping for a nice view of the fair, but…. Nope. Buildings all around. To bad. We had fun though!

On our way home we needed to eat, so we stopped at a roadside place that had different options. One of those options was McDonald’s. (And that’s where a dream started to grow). All the other stuff was not for me, Mc it was. A big Mac menu. Now back where I live you get this awesome sauce, but not in our neighbouring country. Our sauce comes in a small plastic cup, theirs in a plastic bag you have to empty before you can use it.

What do you do then. Normally it’s no problem. Empty everything on the paper in the tray. This time we took everything in the car. I emptied my fries in the bag and put the sauce on the package of the fries. We had a nice weekend.

Now the dream. For real! I dreamt I thought up a way to take care of such messes as I had to deal with in the car. McDonald’s actually hired me for this! (At least in my dream. The solution? At the moment the holder has a longer back than front. If you give the front an extra wing on the bottom, one that has a logo when is flattened along the front, but when you fold it out, you can form it into a cup, so it holds your sauce!

Well what do you think. Would you like that? I know I would. That’s probably why I remember. Well that’s it for now, enjoy the lights and merrymaking. And if you feel worse because of it… Hang it there! You are worth it, it will pass.

Love, dreamer

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