Aftermath of Rome

I am back home. There is no place like it. I have had a great time in Rome, but it was good to sleep in my own bed again. You have been able to read a bit of it last week, and this week you will get the conclusion of it.

Let’s start with something that came back EVERY day. At every corner of every street you could find people selling baskets to tourist. A bowl that started out as a round plank of wo layers. One of these layers had a rim you could pull up and voila, you had a bowl/basket type thing. Letting it down again always made this clacking sound. Every evening while we were at the restaurant these men would come along to sell these ass well. The men in our little group started to call it ‘little clacker’, or at least that would be what they called it in English if I translate it the best I can. This happened Tuesday to start with. Wednesday the same man came along and called it little clacker when he passed our table and recognised us. On Thursday it was another man, so at our table the men said little clacker again. The man started to laugh, telling us his colleague had told him about us. Laughs all around.

The other thing you found everywhere accept at dinner luckily was a toy that looked like a pig. The people selling it had a crate with a board taped to one of the small sides. The would set that down on the other side, so it would form some kind of table. The toy would then be thrown on top of that board where it would flatten out completely, only to reform to its original shape. It made a sound that reminded me of a lamb every time they threw it down. I can’t believe they go to sleep not hearing that sound even when not throwing down these things, but maybe they don’t even hear it anymore.

You could also by a self-stick every other step you took and water. If you told the first man no, the next would still try, after all, there is a good possibility you will be wanting something from him after just two steps!

While ‘touristing’ through Rome I had several ideas of things I found funny and wanted to recollect for the blog. With no pen and paper at hand (learning curve) I forgot most of it though. Sorry.

One of the things I do remember (because I filmed the road to help myself remember, and get a good picture to use for the blog) is getting images of taxi’s trying to grab hold of people, to take them off to their lairs. Why? Because there are lanes in Rome that state “TAXI ATAC”. So obviously I see that as a warning or command maybe. Just like those fighting games: Taxi, atac!’ I know without the spellcheck of Word that you don’t write it like that, but it sounds the same in my head, so it means the same in my had. I see a Pokémon, yellow with a stripe of black and white squares along the side, ready to attack. Tell him to use “smog attack”, and he’ll turn around and use a tailpipe looking part on his body to smog things up!
Yeah I know, too much imagination.

Let’s go back to ‘touristing’. So on Thursday we have been to the Colosseum. I didn’t think too much of it before we went, but once inside it was beautiful. So well-structured and huge if you think about the fact they did not have the building tools we have. And the view! When you are inside the thing you can look into the ‘catacombs’.  The floor of the arena has been stripped of for a large part and you see the structure that lies beneath it. Wow! All the people that could have fit in there to watch a spectacle an all the things that must have happened in those ‘hallways’ underneath the floor. I can only imagine, and badly at that, because to be honest, history is not one of my strong suits.

After that we went to the basilica of St. Paul. There are actually two, one within the walls of Rome and one outside the walls of Rome. Thursday was for the one outside the walls. It was beautiful as well. I could have walked around for hours looking at all the paintwork inside. While looking up I saw all the popes where high up on the wall, in circular spots especially put there for them and only the current pope was lighted, so he stood out. I liked that detail. The dead popes in the ‘dark’ and the current one in the light.
I can’t tell you wat it is with churches. I mean, I was not brought op religious, but I love churches. Most of these buildings have such a wonderful atmosphere. And with churches I mean all kinds of religious buildings, I love to visit them because they breath peace most of the times. So did St. Pauls. Looking up at the paintwork I was in awe again.
On Friday my mother in law, my sister in law and I stumbled across the basilica of St. Paul within the walls as well. It is smaller than the other one, but beautiful none the less.
We were on our way to go shopping, since it was the last day when we came across it, and I am glad we did. The men missed this one :D.

Then time was up, we needed to catch a plane and so we did. Not much more to tell. No spectacular things happening to make a more spicy story. Not even my imagination could make anything of it, because I was ready to sleep. As said I am glad to be back home, away from loads of people, because even though I loved seeing all those beautiful things, all these people around you, in your space, take up a lot of your energy. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world though.




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