A new Year

Let me start of by wishing all of you a super new year, where you may get everything that is good for you.

Let me start of by wishing all of you a super new year, where you may get everything that is good for you. Not everything you WANT, but everything that is GOOD for you. Sometimes we want things that could be bad for us without knowing, so that is why this nuance.

Sorry for being away for so long, first there was no inspiration and then there was little time, but here I am again, trying to post something every week.

So we have arrived in 2018, welcome all. I love December, but the month has one thing I can’t stand. Fireworks.
To be more specific, me standing outside when people are using fireworks.

I love looking at it when I am safely behind glass, but I am terrified of the stuff. Why? No clue. I can’t remember ever seeing it go horribly wrong when people used it, I just fear fireworks. Luckily I survived, and the neighbours have some new fun memories to look back on.

My partner and I, we went to some family of mine to celebrate New Year’s Eve, so we had to drive there. During the day the children in our street were already playing with some firecrackers, yay. As we planned to leave we wanted to inform our next-door neighbour we were about to leave and would not be home for the night. As soon as I opened the door one of the children threw a lit firecracker and BANG. I ran back behind the door and told my partner we would not be informing the neighbours together. My partner rang their doorbell, while I stood behind our door. I waited for about two minutes, informed if the doors of the car where open so I could get in and sprinted to the car when I heard ‘yes they are’.

This is funny because I was wearing high heels (stiletto stile), a dress and taking about three things along to the car. A beauty case, a bag full of stuff to eat and drink in the car and a shoulder bag I always carry with me. O and my jacket, just in case I needed it later in the day. Can you imagine the sight? I threw everything in the car as fast as I could and flung myself after it in order to close the door behind me as soon as humanly possible.
I guess I must have looked funny as hell to everyone in the street.

After arriving at our destination we had a terrific evening, the fireworks I saw from behind the window were beautiful and before we knew it 2017 was gone and 2018 arrived. Welcome to this new year, may it be a good one for all of us.

Love dreamer

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