Dreaming of a creepy crawly,

I am at home with my partner. One of my friends is with us. The three of us are watching TV. I don’t remember the thing we watched, but we sat on the same couch. Close together with me in the middle.

At some point I look to my left, where my friend is sitting, because we are talking, and I notice…. is that something in his nose…. moving?! The second I notice it the thing is gone, so I guess my mind is playing tricks on me. However, just to be sure, I keep glancing at his nose. After some time I see something again. It looks like pinchers! The next second they are gone again.

I decide I don’t like this. Something is moving in my friends nose and it is giving me the creeps. I move away from him a bit and tell him he’s got something in his nose.

My friend does nothing. He acts like I never told him anything and keeps watching whatever it is we were watching. Still the movement in his nose is getting clearer. I move further off. The thing in there is quite big as far as I can see.

Now the thing you have to know, and I should have started with this, my friend had abnormally large and open nostrils. Something that doesn’t exist in real life, but was normal as far as my dream goes, because the nostrils didn’t give me the creeps, the thing moving inside did. At some point the pincers even stuck out of his nose!

This is the point my friend couldn’t ignore it any longer, so he just said: “O, that’s nothing to worry about.”. He put his hand to his nose and a creature came crawling out! It was something that looked like an cross between a centipede and an earwig. The thing was almost translucent and it was about as long as my friends hand and as thick as two of his fingers. I drove my partner to the right so there was enough room between me and my friend for another person to sit there.

I asked my friend how he could be so calm about this huge thing living in his nose! He didn’t answer and went on watching TV. Now and again he put his hand to his nose. The thing would crawl out and walk over his hands like he was a pet or something. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I demanded to know why the hell he didn’t get the thing out of his nose. This was NOT normal and could NOT be healthy. My friend broke down. He started crying in the left corner of the couch. His eyes started to deform, I never thought anything of it, just like the nose. They started to look like those cartoons where the bottom of the eye looks like flowing water. Most of the time his eyes became white, because the colour part disappeared behind de lids that where not even visible, so high up.

When my friend calmed down a little he explained. He couldn’t live without the creature anymore. He had been drinking so much that some mayor organ didn’t function any longer. This creature was keeping him alive, because it lived of the substances his body could no longer break down on its own. I felt terrible, but I was still creeped out about the thing. I didn’t know what to do, hug my friend, like I should, or get as far away from him as I could because of the creature in his body.

At that point I woke up. Wow… that was one creepy dream! Perfect for my blog, so I have to get downstairs to share it with the world. I have to be quiet, because there are more people at home than just me. I get to opening where I have to let down some stairs. Normally they go down in an angle, but today they can’t because the guest bed is in use. When that thing is there you have to let the stairs straight down, like a stepladder. I start the process and am ready to set the stairs by pulling a lever so this sort of stop would click in place. Both my parents come to take over. “Let us do that. The carpet the stop gets on to is very old and we would like to preserve it as long as possible.”

At that point I truly woke up. 5:30 a.m. I remembered the dream. Kept my mind as quiet as I could to be able to remember it a lot longer. Thanks to the waking up part of my dream I had a good grasp on the first part of it, since I really needed to remember the first part in the second part. Would I be able to remember the second part as well? Or would I have to get out of bed if I wanted to document the dream? I chose to stay in bed a while longer. I fell asleep and about 8:30 a.m. I woke up again. That is about half an hour ago. I put on a shirt, went downstairs and started typing.

Well, I hope you liked reading about this dream. I’m still not sure what to think of it, shivering whenever I see that creature in my mind. I guess it is no longer in my friends nose, but will forever live in my brain. I feel violated! Can someone get the thing out please? Unlike my friend I don’t want it to stay in my body.


Add frustrations

I know I have mentioned being lazy, but I can’t remember if I have told you about an addiction of mine. Oe maybe I have told you about an addiction, but Just nog this one yet. What can I say, I am pretty messed up.

So what addiction am I talking about now? Games. Games that are played on your phone. For example, my morning did not start well if I didn’t have time to play Diggy’s adventure. When my partner and I are in the car it is pretty likely that I am playing a game. When I feel ‘bored’ I play a game.

When I was much younger I didn’t get ‘bored’ this easily. To be honest I am not easily ‘bored’ now, but every slow moment is an excuse to play. I like finding new games to play, but…. This is where the title comes in. Add frustrations.

Let me make one thing clear: it is not the fact that adds are shown at regular intervals, but the adds themselfs that bother me. I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are a lot of adds that are nothing like the actual game! Take the add for matchington mansion. You see a messed up bathroom and some choices in the bottom of the screen. The choices made are correct or wrong. Download the game and the only choices you get to make are the interior the mansion gets after you have earned stars by playing ‘three in a row’ levels.

I hate that! I download a game based on what I see, because that is what I expect! If you show me a video, that’s what I think I get to do in the game. If I download the game as a result and it turns out to be something else all together I delete it as fast as I downloaded it. Why would you deceive is like that? I don’t want those lies. They frustrate me so f-ing much! That results in me ranting about it to you. I am sure you could do without that. But hey, I had to get it out there. Now… Van someone point me to a game that actually asks me to make those choices. Or if it doesn’t exist… is there someone out there that van develop it PLEASE.

Love, dreamer

I am losing my mind!

Since I haven’t been to regular in posting, I owe you some posts. I have been dreaming again last night, so I will be able to give you a second one this week. I hope you will enjoy!

Everything I ever Knew about dreams is falling apart. I will never be able to have a lucid dream again! Remember my last blog? Well here is another dream that goes against what I told you in the last paragraph of that blog.

Apparently I have taken the car, while most of the times my partner uses it, because I get home, park the car, notice my partner is not home yet and go on to do something for myself.

After a while I decide to check on the car. Why? Not a clue. We live in a good neighbourhood, so maybe I just wanted to see our girl, I truly don’t know. Upon getting to the window I don’t she her though. Maybe I didn’t park her at the spot I thought I parked here, so I look at the complete row.

No car! Ok, maybe I forgot what she looks like, I know the licence plate, so I start checking those (and I am reading them! For real!). No car with our licence plate. I start to panic. Did I lock the car. No, YOU STUPID IDIOTTIC EMPTYHEADED………. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOCK THE CAR!!!! I ranted on to myself for a bit, then decide my partner should know I lost the car before they got home, so I call them. I am in tears. I lost our baby, this is going to be a financial disaster! My partner comforts me by telling me our baby would have locked herself after being parked for a specific time. That sort of calms me down, but then what happened to our baby?

I walk back to the window to start reading the licence plates again. Nope, not ours. Nope, not ours. Nope, not ours. Nope, not ours. Nope, not ours. No, the one in the tree is not ours either…..the one in the tree?!? HOW THE HELL!!! Who would be able to get a car up in a tree and why the hell would you do it? Then I notice underneath the car that is hanging in the tree are about five cars stacked on top of each other, so the one in the tree almost touches the top of the fifth car. HOW! My mind is blown. Who would do this?

I start checking plates again. Nope, none of them are our baby. I am definitely reading the plates! That should not have been possible! At that point I should have been able to tell I was dreaming and take control! Well I didn’t, so I went on doing something for myself in my dream. Not wanting to go to the toilet, because one of two thing could happen. It would be dark soon, and when it would be dark, I would be going in the house to stop the thing I was doing  (not a clue what it was that was so important I couldn’t go to a toilet) or my partner would come home and I would be going into the house and stop the thing I was doing.

At some point I really couldn’t put off going to the toilet so I go into the house. I decide to use our upstairs toilet. Walking in there I nearly get a heart attack. My partner is lying in the bath! I forget all about needing the toilet and start to tell them about the stacked cars. We both walk downstairs to look out of the window. Both reading the plates……. I wake up.

Well… there you have it. My crazy dreams are back and I won’t ever be able to tell when I am dreaming again. I should go on the internet and read up on lucid dreaming, because the things I know are from hear say, but I am lazy. I am not going to look it up. Instead of doing that, I put my dreams on the internet and bore you with them.


It starts with a lovely dinner

So I was invited to this lovely dinner with a group of people and my partner and good friend of mine were to, so that should be fun!

There were three tables. One for seven people, one for six people and one small table for 4 kids.

We were the first ones to arrive, so we could pick were we wanted to sit, but I figured that would sort itself so I talked to our hostess. She had organised a bicycle race a while back and I had taken part in it (definitely not won it). The person that had been the favourite to win it lost as well, because both she and I collided. I got disqualified, because of an illegal manoeuvre. There had been a lot of witnesses that told our hostess that I had pinned the favourite against a wall to stop her from winning, and in doing so it was said I had caused the collision between the both of us.

Somehow, there had not been time to discuss it back then, so we talked about it now. She was the one that told me I had pinned the favourite, but it was only at this dinner that I found out she had not seen this, but it had been told to her by witnesses of the crash.

Time to set the record straight. I had been behind the favourite, far enough not to collide but gaining. The moment I was close enough to pass without collision she pulled her bicycle to the left, right into me. I was able to keep my bike riding, but she fell and couldn’t finish the race.

Our hostess was shocked. The favourite had been the one that should have been expelled, nog me. She apologized profoundly. I told her it was oké.

While we were talking the room filled up with the other dinner guests. I had been squatting next to the chair of the hostess and it was time to find a place to sit. Only one place left. At the head of the table set for seven. (Seeing the room fill up awakened my anxiety for I didn’t know anyone other than my partner, my good friend and our hostess. It seemed I would end up getting seated with strangers, and I did). Another dinner guest that had taken a seat next to the one left for me started filling up my glass with water. He was having fun and getting laughs from everyone around him. There was already bread on the plates and the water started spilling onto my plate. I ran to my seat to see if I could control the damage ( I hate wet bread), but it was too late. I emptied my plate onto that of the man that was joking around. Both water and bread were for him, I wasn’t planning on eating/drinking it.

We were all having a good time. We talked, we laughed, dinner was wonderful. Slowly but surely I started piecing together that people that had wanted to tell the truth at the race had been ‘bullied’ into saying I had pinned the favourite of the race. When dinner was over we went into the village. It was a small village we don’t often visit, so it was nice to take time to walk around. Then people started to try and kill us! They didn’t like that the truth about the race came to light and wanted to make sure we knew. My partner and friend got caught and tied up. I got to where they were. Don’t ask me why, but somehow I had a gas burner on my key chain. One of those things you use for making desserts. I took it out and pointed it at the man that was guarding them. I set his hair on fire and he left screaming. I quickly untied the others. The place is swarming with people trying to kill us. We needed to get the hell out of there!

My partner figured out how. We needed to participate in race where we need to get to the top of some kind of tower, made out of nets, in order to get ‘flung out’ by being the first ones to reach top. Sort of like a video game. If you are the first to reach the top, you win or get to a second stage. That would be the way out of this village. My partner knew a cheat to get to the top of the tower first. We somehow dodged over twenty hitmen to get to the tower. This tower was build underground, but my partner knew we would be able to see the top from above ground, so we could jump on the top net. We got there, took the jump and indeed landed on the top net. Now we would have to hold on long enough to win. That wasn’t easy, because the whole tower swayed like crazy. Somehow we managed and won! Turned out that was not the end of the game, there was a next stage.

We started the next stage on our own in the streets. Normal streets, where people lived. We had been split up somehow. I didn’t know where the others were, so I ran for my life without knowing where to go, one of the hitmen hot on my tail. I somehow managed to take him out and started running again. My phone rang, the sound was that of the ringtone I have set for my partner, who is nowhere in sight. I see my friend straight ahead, running towards me. Suddenly my partner comes from my left telling us to get in a tree we are near at that point. We climbed tree. Several hitmen run past it without noticing us. A strange thing, because the tree has barren branches, but hé, don’t question good luck. One of the men that was trying to kill us somehow had wings and flied up to the tree. He tried to shoot us, but my friend somehow turned out to be an archer and had a bow and arrows. My friend shot two arrows to disarm the winged man and put a third through one of his wings. He fell to the ground and disappeared. The voice of a commentator (like those at sports events) announced to the spectators that the winged contestant was out of the game.

We needed to go on so we climbed out of the tree and ran to a house about ten paces to our right. We went through the door and closed it. Somehow the inside of the house looked more like a cave. There was this huge gate around the tower (this time it was made of stone and actually looked like a tower). I was the first one to walk through the gate. It  started to close and I tried to keep it open with all my might, so the other two would be able to get in with me. The got in just in time. With the gate closed we felt sort of safe, there was only this sort of cat flap to get through the gate now. At the base of the tower was a puzzle to solve. There were numbers that needed to be connected to right stones to get path across small body of water and go up. All of a sudden the head of a teacher peeks in from the top of the tower. He gave a hint to solving the puzzle. I could only wonder if we would walk into a classroom once we made it to the top. The man said that the numbers keep the same order. Great, now we could solve it, I hoped. One of the numbers, the number four, had a line that connected it to one of the stones. I looked around if I could see a way to get that number on the right stone and suddenly noticed chalk pens on the ground to my left. They were lying underneath a radiator. I picked up as many colours as I could, because the numbers have colours to and who knows, we might need them later on. I put first number on stone ‘connected’ stone. Writing the four on the stone proves difficult. (I don’t know if you have ever tried to put a number like 4 or seven into a handheld Nintendo? When I try to write it down the damn thing always takes about three tries to get the right number into the system.) Now  registers with difficulty, but gets there (like Gameboy). Now we had to figure out where the other numbers had to go. I asked my partner and my friend to stop joking around and start help me figure things out. We were still puzzling when I woke up.

I am still wondering wat would have been waiting for us at the top, I tried desperately to get back to sleep so I could finish the puzzle. Strange though…. I could actually see the number four. It was the only one, and with difficulty, but normally in dreams numbers and letters can’t be registered. That’s how you determine you are dreaming and how you can take over and start to have a lucid dream. Maybe that’s why I could only see the four and why it was so difficult to put it on the stone in a way you could make out it was a four. Dang it, that is going to hunt me all day. Well I hope you have enjoyed my dream. I sure did, even though it was quite a dangerous event.



Away for rehearsal

Yesterday was a fun day. I’ve spent the day with my acting group. Normally we het together on wednesday evening to rehearse. On of is had to travel about an hour and a half just to get to rehearsal. That’s not including the return trip and when travel conditions are at their best. She must truly love doing this!!!! And she does. Well last wednesday we didn’t het together, but agreed to all get to her house for rehearsal!

Saturday morning, about ten past nine I got picked up, one more stop for picking up someone else and we would be on our way! Since we would be staying untill after diner, we would have so much time to slowly work through the whole script. It felt good.

There was a warm welcome upon arriving and a lovely lunch not to long after. It was a day of being spoiled by good food and drinks and loads of laughter. You see, we will be performing a play by Alan Ayckbourn and it is hilarious. At least we think so. Slowly but surely we are getting to the desired outcome. We have a lot of fun in the proces.

It’s a good thing to ge all of our laugther out now, because it might prove difficult to keep a straight face on stage, so advice is welcome! I am so lucky to get to do this with such a warm group of people. The Day flew by. Well it will be wednesday soon, happy days…

Love, dreamer

Super cat?

I’ve been to my mum last Thursday. The reason for going was threefold. 1. See mum again. 2. Show of the car and 3. See how my mum is holding up, because her brother has received a diagnoses of cancer. Heavy stuff, I know, but I am not going to dwell on it in this blog. Please just let me stick my head in the sand and just be there for my mum, thank you.

My mum has gotten a cat after my dad died, so she won’t be so alone when she’s at home and there’s someone there to say hello to when she walks is. I think it is a good thing. It is a lovely cat. As you might know cats have an aggressive way of playing with you. They use their claws and teeth to win. That’s fine by me, but my mum doesn’t want the cat to do that, because when he does that with her… her skin has become thinner or something, so she bleeds easily. If the cat plays with other people he wants to play with her to, and that’s not a good idea, so he can’t play with people, just toys and stuff. This cat turns out to be a dog by the way. Throw away a ball of paper and he brings it back to you. He brought mum a ball to throw when we were there.

I didn’t know about the cat not playing with people, so while on the phone (because my brother called) I was playing with the cat. It didn’t take long or all nails dug in my arm and all teeth dug in my wrist. If I lifted my arm, the cat would lift along. Nothing I couldn’t handle, but I can understand my mum doesn’t want that to happen to her. So she did the thing she does when the cat starts to play. She pushed him to the ground until he stopped, showing him she is the leader. It worked. I had quite a brilliant mark of his teeth on my wrist after that.

So Peter Parker got spider powers after he got bitten by a spider…. Do I get cat powers now?

I already know how to purr, my friends mum once said his cat was purring loudly, but that was me, so funny…. You should have been there. So how about the rest, do I become a human cat now? The mark on my wrist suggested I will become a superhero, so when things start happening I’ll let you know…. On the other hand….. O man, why did I put this in a blog!!! A handful of people will immediately link me to our new superhero! Ok, let’s agree not to tell anyone about this. If I turn into a superhero, you guys are part of the secret. Don’t spill the secret ok. If I go off on adventures you guys will get the report through this blog. Hardly anyone reads it, so I don’t think the bad guys or governments will find out.

It would make for a great content of my blog as well. Although I wouldn’t like the life or death choices that much. I think I will be heartbroken with the first person I can’t safe…. Hmmm. I guess I’d have to think about a lot of things. A secret lair, tech support (I am technically challenged), an outfit, do I want to operate worldwide, would I be able to keep working where I work now. O my…. I think I’m happy to say I haven’t felt a change yet, but when it happens I am going to need some help, so…… be ready when I call on you.



Car and pool

Our baby has arrived!!! No I have not been pregnant without knowing and you would have known if I was pregnant and aware of that fact. We haven’t adopted either, so…. I have told you about our baby in a previous blog. It’s our new car!!!!! And she is beautiful! I mean it, i’m in love!

We took het home saturday before last,after signing for her and getting some last instructions. She is such a Sweet girl! She has a beautiful face, as you can see, she is very quiet, she reacts instantly and she is protective of everyone that comes with her. How is she protective? She’s got emergency buttons at \nthe light in the front. When the airbags are deployed she automaticly calls the emergency services and sends out your location to them. Our sweet baby….. Sigh.

On other news, it is hot outside. Well maybe that’s not news, but just a fact, but still… it is hot outside. One of my best friends asked if I wanted to come to the pool today. I discussed the plans for this weekend with my partner and here I am.

I drive out new baby to my friend’s place and now we are relaxing at the pool and I finaly took time to write this blog. Sometimes the world is Just perfect!

Love dreamer