Bride, cars and bathrooms,

Well hello there! This week the blog goes all over the place. Three topics, so no juicy story about a bride escaping through a bathroom window to escape a wedding in a fast car (yes that is a reference to a sitcom). No three different topics, so lets go!

Nope, my partner did not propose, I am nog getting married (or my partner knows something I don’t, but I don’t think so). No this is a follow up on last my blog from last week. Remember? The refugee from Africa. He was actually there when I walked out of the office on Friday. I didn’t think he would, but he was, so I had to deal with it. I said hi, keeping my distance. I am a hugger, normally, but not this time, not appropriate, or at least I didn’t think it was. If you disagree, keep it to yourself. Those are my boundaries I have to think of, not yours.

We went to the same park as before, sat down on the same bench as before and continued the same talk we had before. He kept giving me compliments, trying to find out if I would ever leave my partner. I told him: “not even when hell freezes over”, but that didn’t seem to register. He kept talking about relationships ending, how good of a partner he would be to the person committing to him and how beautiful I am and how perfect I would be for him. He would never find someone like me again, so sure, he was disappointed I have a partner. I let him talk, I talked to him and brought the conversation to him getting his social security number. I tried not to make it to obvious, but let’s be real, he needed something from me, of he would not have come. That or I have a stalker from now on and need to be more careful in future, but I guess that’s not the case. When talking to a dear friend of mine she told me her partners reaction was: “he want to marry to stay in the country”. I had come to the same conclusion, so the bride part is…. I could have been an African bride! I am not that sad that I’m not though, because I love my partner more than anything in the world, so when the man asked my contact information I told him “no”, because I am not going to string him along for something I won’t give him. I had two lovely days with an opportunity to speak English, he wasted some time, enough is enough. As far as I know he has not started stalking me (knock on wood).


So my partner and I have a car. We didn’t plan on getting a new one, but things happen. Fortunate for us, nothing bad happened, we just received a flyer from our dealership. It stated an amount we could probably get for our old car and how much a new car would cost us. We took the bait. We started talking about it and before long we went to the dealer to take a look. The offer was for an upgrade on our current model, but we decided we wanted information on a different model. That in itself would be an upgrade, so we wanted to compare the offer we got in the mail to the different model we had in mind. We got the information, slept on it for about three days. The dilemma was: go for comfort (the upgrade by choosing the other model) or go for low expenses (by choosing our current model upgraded). We both sort of knew the car we wanted, but still. We went for the other model, we can afford it, let’s ‘grow up’ and choose comfort. Today we went in (after getting the financing worked out) and asked when we can pick it up. It will take over two weeks because the salesman would like to be there when we pick it up. I heard him mumble he is on vacation between today and the date we set to pick up the car. So there we are, waiting on a car, because the salesman wants to see how happy it makes us to pick it up. Well if his life depends on these highlights, than I can wait for my car a bit longer, because that’s sad, isn’t it. I am glad I can give him a happy moment.


There are a couple of things in your life that cost a lot of money. One of those things: bathrooms. Especially when your strength isn’t fixing you home. At some point I noticed circles on the ceiling in the hallway, caused by water that should have travelled through pipes instead of the floor. I know nothing about fixing plumbing and stuff like that. When we bought the house the leakage should have been stopped by the previous owner, or so we thought. His solution turned out to be sealant around the shower drain, but you can’t clean a sealed drain, so obviously, we made the mistake to unseal it. Now we have to ‘repair’ the leak. That will take braking tiles and stuff like that. We figured we would have to take care of the bathroom at some point, so now is the time. We are going to renovate. Take everything out, put new stuff in. This bathroom will be to our taste (and budget, sorry to say, but still beautiful for a low budget). The thing I am upset about most: losing our bath. A bath I don’t use that often, because the put  the side your head goes against the wall, so your neck needs to be in an angle if you want to lie down. Plus the bath is smaller than usual, because of the restricted space, and everything had to be fit in (shower/bath/sink/toilet), without having to shower in the tub. Every time I took a bath a large part of me never got wet, because it didn’t fit under water. I was hoping to get a bath you can sit in, so it would take up less room, but I could still relax. As you might have figured, we are not putting in a bath again. We already made a down payment on everything that is going into our new bathroom (including tiles) and now we are looking for someone to put it in for a nice price (wouldn’t it be nice if we had an endless supply of money). We’ll see…..

Well that’s it for now.


Chance meeting?

First of all, last week I didn’t post a blog. You have a right to know why. Last week I just didn’t feel like it. I had something else on my mind. Not just something, an important something for me and something that kept me from writing, because I needed to handle myself and my emotions. Thursday the 20th two years ago my dad died. It hit harder than the year before, so…. Well on to this week 😀

At the moment it is quite hot outside and it has been for a couple of days. Because of the heat I have decided to start work early this week, this way it was still quite cool when I rode my bike to work and I would be home in time to turn on the mobile air conditioner in our bedroom for it to cool down enough to be able to sleep.

On Wednesday I decided to go to a store that had a sale because it would close its doors in the town I work in before getting on my bike to go home. I left the building and crossed the street, ready to cross the next street hit this store. A man crossed the road from the other side and walked up to me. He looked at me and I felt he wanted to talk to me, so I slowed down, looked him in the eye, gave him a smile and a nod and waited for his response. He slowed down as well. I was right he wanted to talk. I figured he wanted to ask for directions or something, but that’s where I was wrong. Instead he asked where I was going and if he could tag along…. in English…..

A weird request, but I was in public, not going home, so why not, he could tag along, I would go to this one store and back to my bike. It would give him company for about twenty minutes and it would give me a way to talk English, win-win I guessed. He asked for my name and gave me his. We started talking. He asked where I was from, I told him (take a deep breath, I wasn’t dump enough to give him my address or last name). He was surprised, he thought I would be English because of my accent (I know, you wouldn’t say the same when reading my blog :D) and I felt good about that. Flattery does feel good for your ego. He had already given me a compliment on how good I looked ( I know, be careful with such ‘stray cats’) so I felt quite good at that time. We talked while walking to the store, I told him I was going to ask him something I hoped wouldn’t offend and wasn’t meant as a bad thing. After that I asked if he was a refuge, yes he was.

It turned out I should have gone to the store weeks ago, because there was nothing left to my liking. I felt bad to leave the man behind, I had some time to spare, so I asked him if he would like to sit down somewhere and talk some more. He would love to. So we went to a nearby park (loads of people every step of the way) in search of a place to sit in the shade. We found a bench, but someone had broken a beer bottle on it. The man or maybe rather boy (I don’t know how old he is) swept the bench clear with some plastic he found nearby and we took a seat. We talked about all kinds of things. He told me he had been playing football, but had to stop because of injuries. Now he was studying and killing time before he would meet up with a friend of his. He talked about wanting a relationship where both parties would trust each other and how he would do anything to keep the other happy. He talked about coming to Europe to get away from catholic/Muslim wars back where he grew up. We talked about a lot.

I told him I have a partner I want to grow old with. He asked if I still felt like that after meeting him. YES. Nothing will ever change as far as I am concerned at the moment. After being together for seventeen years I still feel butterflies when I think about them. The man referred to relationships that had lasted longer and still got broken off somewhere down the road.  I told him not to hold is breath (but in a gentler way). He asked for my number so we could meet again somewhere in the future to talk. I didn’t give it to him, but I agreed to meet again on Friday, on the corner we first met.

I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t want to mistrust him, after all, he doesn’t have to be a bad person. That’s why I agreed to meet him again. I actually don’t trust him. I don’t feel his intentions are as innocent as he says, so I will be careful, but I don’t want to close myself for new friends. After all, if we can all act a bit more out of love instead of fear, the world would be more beautiful. That’s why I decided to follow love instead of fear. And no… he won’t get my phone number or address, but he will have my attention for an extra afternoon. I will keep you posted on that 😀

Maybe I am crazy, but I would rather get hurt or die when the things I did came out of love, so let it spread.




So last week you got the story of my trip to France.

The other supporter I told you about is someone I had just met, so it gave me some extra nerves in going away with the group.Turns out there was no need to be nervous, because the other supporter is a very kind and loving person. This person also made a comment that gave me something for this blog.They said I have a different way of looking at things. This is true, even though most of the times I forget that.

This came up because of the snow on the mountaintops. As you can see, the heading of this blog is the same mountain range I used in my last blog. The view from our broom closet. Why did I do this. To show you the state of my imagination. I’ve zoomed in on some parts and put those zooms here. The last zoom is something I just noticed, but I’ll put it in none the less.

In this blog I’ll give an assignment. You can choose is you want to participate, because the answers will be given to you in the end:

Can you find where all the zooms go in the overview?
I’ll put the overview here once more:

Zoom 1: Can you find the crying child?

Zoom 2: Can you find the cool troll?

Zoom 3: Can you find the exotic face?

Zoom 4: Can you find the silhouette of a woman’s head and a fancy lady?

Zoom 5: Can you find the creepy face (the one I just noticed)?

Zoom 6: Can you find the alien and the monster?

So this is me, this is my imagination. If I see shapes, my head tries to fill in the blanks. I see things hidden in shades, clouds, leaves and apparently snow on mountain tops. On our way home I even made a photo of a cloud, send it to my family app telling them the mountain had my dad’s eyebrows. And since I am sharing so many pictures, you get this mountain as a bonus 😀

Well that’s it, my imagination. Hope you liked it!

And I promised you the answers, so if you participated, you can find out if you did well and if you didn’t participate and want to know the answers you can see them.

The placement of the zooms in the overview

Crying child

Cool troll

Exotic face

Silhouette and fancy lady

Creepy face

Alien and monster

If you still can’t make anything of it, I can’t blame you. That’s just more proof of how crazy I am.


Alpe d’Huez

Tomorow I will be going home after spending a week in France. Because of that week, this could be a very long post. If so, sorry, if not, you’re welcome.

So… France…. I’ll start at the beginning, sort of… My partner is a racing cyclist. Just for fun, not proffesionally. They cycle with some friends. My partner loves it, because it keeps them fit and they can clear their mind. Most of the times they train for semi-small events, but last year they decided to do something big.

If you’ve never heard of this, there’s this event that raises money for cancer research. The participants collect money, and they will take part in this huge event in return. Taking part entails walking or cycling from the base to the top of Alpe d’Huez. If you cycle you van do this once, but you can also do this six times maximum. My partner wanted to go up at least three times, and so the training began.

Of course we partners wanted to come along as support, so that’s six adults. Because this would be our first time participating one of the cyclists suggested to take part in a team that had been in a previous year. They did. We as partners never met them before we actually arrived on the mountain, all people that came as support had special shirts, we didn’t. Let’s just dat, we didn’t feel like part of a team, and we tried at the beginning, but in the end we decided we could do without the others, and so we did.

Well back to the beginning of our trip. A twelve hour drive, including breaks. Then we arrive at a hotel, where we booked a six person appartment. One of us supporters couldn’t make it, because of a family member that passed away, so we het there with five adults and the man at the reception seems confused that we wanted to get five adults in the appartment. He recovered himself and said that wouldn’t be a problem. Right….

This is the lay-out of the appartment we had to spend our week. You open the door and on your righthand side there’s a bunk bed. At the head of the bed is the door to the toilet. At your left hand side when standing at the door, so opposite the bunk bed, is a door to a bedroom with a double bed and just enough room to stand beside it on one side. At the end of this halway, where only one person fits (and still they manage to hang a coat rack) is the door to the shower. It has a bath! And you shower in the bath where upon the floor turns into a pool. On your left hand it opens to a kitchen with a dish-washer. If two people are in it it becomes difficult to move, you then go through a door into the living room where there’s a couch that turns into a double bed and a tablet with seven chairs. Take a seat and stay, or bump into eachother at every turn. Then there’s a balcony. The view from our room makes up for the confined space. The picture for this blog is that view.

At the beginning of the week the cyclists of our group tried if they could het up the mountain. They could. Especially going down on the bike is scary. On thursday the climb would start for real. All of use got up at a quarter past two at night. The cyclists would go down at half past four and the event would start at half past five. The cyclists would be allowed to cycle up in groups. We supporters wanted to wave them off on the trip down. They went there on their bikes, we walked. Uppon arriving we couldn’t find them. There where other cyclists, ours had already left so we went back to the appartment to get all the good and drinks and stuff we needed to re-supply Them for their next trip down. We found a good spot and ‘took’ it at a quarter to five. Than the waiting began. The first cyclists started to arrive and we cheered on as many people as we could. After all, they all did something spectaculair, they went up the mountain to get that research money.

At first there was only mist. Every dat before had been Sunny, but this dat started in the clouds. It was so cold. Now emagine going down in cycle gear. The first time is bound to be cold, the seconden time is bound to be even folder, because of all the sweating during the climb. Supporters wore winter coats to Stay warm. My partner cycled up the mountain three times!!!! I’m so proud of them. And not only Them, but everyone that participated.

Tonight we will celebrate, tomorow we’ll go home. If the three cyclists of our group decide to do this again in the future I’m in Trouble however, because the other supporter in our appartment and I have said we would walk up the mountain if they ever go again. My partner told me to start training… Oops. Well it is for a good course, so I’ll put money (mine and that of people that Will hopefully sponsor me if it comes to pass) where my mouth is.

Love, dreamer

Magical dream

In the first part of my dream I am on some kind of exchange project with a whole lot of people I know from my different jobs and friends. I don’t know why, but somehow we are divided in groups and each group is doing a job they haven’t done before for one week. I am excited. I great the people I know that are doing another job than I am. Don’t ask me what it is I’m doing, because I have no clue. I only know I liked it, because I felt happy. One group was working at burger king, that struck me as odd and not that much fun.

My group went to get something to eat (not at the burger king!!) and from our table we could see someone else we knew. I said hi to him. He said hi back. Then I started to ask him a question, he dropped somethings on the ground and started yelling at me I should not keep him from listening to his teacher. Apparently he was in some sort of course for the job he was doing this week. I didn’t know that, I was just being friendly! I felt pissed when he reacted like that, so I decided to keep talking to him to a minimum from now on. If he wanted it, he could have it. I would just be civil and only say hi from now on. No more talking with him if he could react like that without notice.

My group was done eating, we talked a bit about the outrageous reaction of our ‘friend’ and about our own experience in the exchange project. We decided to go for a walk. One of us needed to get her leave blowers returned to her. The groundskeeper of the castle we stayed at had taken them away from her. So we go get them. The groundskeeper is not happy with those blowers, because instead of using them for cleaning the yard, they were used to just blow leaves around, for fun, because the owner found that a beautiful sight. Later on in my dream I know this person is my youngest sister, so from now on I will refer to her a my sister, so it will be easier for me to write about it.

So my sister loves playing around with leave blowers, because of she can help the leaves dance through the air. The groundskeeper is not amused by this, so he had taken them away from her. When my sister asked him to give them back to her he says sure and takes us to this small shack. He opens the door, we walk inside and there are two strange things leaning against the wall. One thing is for sure, they are not leave blowers. We don’t know what they are. The groundkeeper had this glint in his eye and tells us casually he has burned the leave blowers. She can have the two weed burners instead. That way, when she is playing around, he’ll get something out of it to. Not a very smart move, pissing of a woman and giving her something that shoots a stream of fire. My sister picks one up, examines it to find how to turn them on and once she found the right button points it towards the groundskeeper. At this point he realises his mistake and starts running. My sister is laughing like a maniak and runs after him.

After all that we need a break, so we decide on lounging by the water right along the castle wall. There are some kids playing in the water. A woman tells them not to walk in too far, because the floor drops away quite sudden. I know her and the kids, so after I heard her tell this to the little girl I raised my voice to the little boy when I told him to come back to the shore, because he was wandering in even further. The woman didn’t seem to react, so I figured it might be ok, but I kept my eye on the boy, just in case. It didn’t take long or… he disappeared in the blink of an eye. The woman went in after him. I kept my eye on the spot in the water, and when I thought it took her too long I went in after them. At that point they both surfaced. That was a close one.

My sister has been exploring all this time and found a well on one of the castle walls. It has a roof with a nest in it and a hole in the side of the well itself. She crawls in and somehow it changes. The walls fall to the sides, the roof tilts away, it turns into a huge fan, like those things they use in movies to create wind. My sister is so happy. The groundskeeper might have given her burners, she has a blower again! When the thing turns on the castle starts flying with all of us on board. My sister is even more curious and  wanders around some more. She finds a canon and I don’t know how but somehow she turns it into a weapon of mass destruction that shoots a nonstop stream of fire, like the weed burner, but much bigger. She didn’t want to, but it happened because she thought of what happened before.

Everyone is mad. My sister is trying to stop the fire and get us back to the ground, we don’t have a clue on how to do that..

The canon is in a room that has this beautiful cupboard. It has two doors on top and lots of drawers on the bottom. If you have seen the live action movie ‘beauty and the beast’ just think of the wardrobe that tries to dress Belle, it looks a lot like that.

The castle makes a turn and out of the corner of my eye I see a door or drawer of the cupboard open and reveille a page of a book.  I don’t know where I saw the page, because it was out of site again in no time. I run to the cupboard, thinking this could be the answer. I open one drawer after another, nothing. I open one of the doors……. Yes! It is a page from a book, and I had seen a book earlier. I figure if thing can change in this castle, maybe putting this page back with the book is all I have to do.

I run to the book, it turns out to be the first page. I put it in its place… nothing. I read the page. It is a warning to not start with the fire spells. Omg, it’s a spell book. I start flipping through the pages to get to the fire spells, in the hopes I find the one that has been used by accident, or to find the reversal spell and give it to my sister. Two girls are trying to read along over my shoulder. I turn around and shoo them. They look at me with disbelieve. I tell them they are not to read this. It is my sisters, someone they ridiculed, so they have to go. They try to walk just two steps so they can still read, but I make them leave. I try to find the right spell, but most of the text is difficult to read. Right at the moment I find the spell to use……… partner wakes me up by accident.

They don’t think I’ll wake up if they are searching for a tv-remote under my body, because when I sprint out of bed once they get the remote I get the question: “How come you’re fully awake all of a sudden?” Well, maybe I was waking up because they were poking all along my body to feel if the remote was there. I started waking up, noticed I had been dreaming and needed to share it with all of you! So I get up, sprint downstairs and start writing down keywords. The last part of the dream is still fresh, but the beginning is fading fast.

I think I captured the whole thing though. How cool that my sister was this magical being in my dream!
So.. There you have it…yet another dream. I hope you enjoy them.



A dream that’s a bit violent

I am cycling. In front of me are a woman on a scooter and a man on a bike with very small trainingwheels. It is obvious they belong together, but he never cycles at her side. He stays behind het. I stay behind Them, because we have about the same speed.

At one point we have to wait for a red ligt. When it turns green the woman accelerates pretty fast. That causes me to end up in between her and the man.
I give it all I have to pass her, so the two will be behind each other, but she keeps up the speed.
The man is still behind me. I try to create room for the woman to slow down, because the man doesn’t het up to her speed. She keeps up het speed though.
I hear the man say I have to show of, because my bike is an electronic one, so that’s why I am racing the woman, but he is wrong!

We arrive at a cash register (without our bikes and stuf). The man moves in front of me (next to the woman) and keeps ‘complaining’ about my behaviour. I start to argue that he’s wrong. Hij picks up a large bag to put on the conveyor belt, but makes sure to hit me on the head with it ‘by accident’.
I pull it of the conveyor belt and hit him a little bit harder ‘by accident’. He picks it up again, I hang back Just in time to avoid getting hit. He thought he hit me and had this smug smile on his face. That’s it, I had enough of this en dig my nails into the top of his hand. He screams in pain.

In the mean time we have arrived at the front of the line. There’s someone coming towards us, asking what’s the matter. I have been pushing my purse forward across the floor with my feet all this time and tell this person that the man had tried te steal it and I had reacties bij digging my nails in his hand. They believed me. The man was furious, but took his loss.

I start to pay for the things I wanted to by. There’s a nose spray among those things, and the moment it passes the scanner the lady behind the register says it will be 1200. 1200!!!!! That’s expensive. She takes the item of the list, scans it again and this time it comes to 4,95. That seemed more appropriate to me. I had already told her I didn’t want it if it was that expensive, so when 4,95 showed I told here that was a better price and how ridiculous it would have been to pay 1200 for a bit of nose spray.

At that moment a man steps forward and starts inspecting my nose. He pushes it and is finding out if I truly need it, or else I can’t even buy it. Luckily I am stuffed and have a bad cold, so he nods approvingly and I can go. I say my goodbyes. The moment I take my stuff and walk out I realise this is a cash register in a neighbouring country. A country I dan only communicate using both hand An feet, because I don’t speek the language.

I start wondering what language we used to get through the whole episode written up above, but am pretty sure it had been in my native language. At that point I woke up. Happy to be done with all that drama.


Still no dreams

Not that I didn’t have any, just no noteworthy ones. That is no new ones to write about, but I am still working on desciphering the old ones. You Will be able to read them when I’m done, if that ever happens. For now on to other things.

On my way to the theatergroup I came upon something strange this week. Or rather we, because my partner drove me there and picked me up after rehearsal. But back to on out way there….

We were in the car on out way to rehearsal, I was thinking about a lot. The soup in my lap, because I hadn’t had time to eat yet, but I had finished maling it, so it was hot, in a tray, on my lap. I had the idea to take a last look at the script while my partner was driving, but those plans got thrown out of the window because of my brother calling my partner. He needed some help or information or something. I don’t know and honestly…. I don’t care. Point is, I ended up talking to my brother, because my partner asked him if he wanted to talk to me, yes hé did. No going over the script.

Well, when I said goodbye and pressed the button to end our call I looked through the windshield and a lot of questions came to mind. None of them regarding the call I just ended though. The thoughts entered because of the car in front of us.

I am used to an antenna on a car, but usually they are the length of my fore-arm, tops. This one however…. If you would stand it on the floor it would be as high as the car! It was a very thin one that reached straight for the sky. It made the car look freacky or weird or whatever. I couldn’t help but wonder… Why?

I asked my partner, they didn’t know either, but guessed it had something to do with cell reception. I had a lot of thoughts. Maybe it was an undercover spaceship. Or An undercover policecar that stood out a bit to much, but they needed this antenna to get the information from the houses we drive past. Maybe it was a time machine and the antenna was needed to make contact with energy cables in order for the thing to get enough power.

As you van read, enough imagination, but I Will stop here, so you van share your thoughts in the comment section.

Love dreamer